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Wijaya Musik Indonesia as one of the official distributors of well-known musical instrument brands in the world has been present since 1927. The desire to become a market leader by providing the best service has been proven by Wijaya Musik by selling quality products at competitive prices.


Transparency between the center and branches in terms of stock management has not been seen properly and is done manually


The supervision process becomes more transparent with the feature of regulating access for each worker according to their responsibilities. Stock management becomes more practical because the data is always updated in real-time.


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Jakarta, Banjarmasain, Denpasar, Pekanbaru, Batam, Kediri, Bandung, Jambi, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Palembang, Salatiga, Bandar Lampung, Makasar, Manado, Bogor, Semarang, Balikpapan, Medan, Pontianak, Samarinda, Tegal, Surakarta, Malang, Cirebon, Magelang, Padang, Tangerang, Tasikmalaya

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Local residents who love art must have experienced hear the name Wijaya Musik Indonesia. As one of the official distributors of well-known musical instrument brands in the world, Wijaya Musik provides musical instruments at competitive prices that can be purchased in Indonesia.

With the number of dealers continuing to grow, Wijaya Musik began to face new challenges in conducting a thorough supervision of each outlet. Transparency between the center and the branch is still not well seen. Here, the Jurnal was chosen to assist management in managing stock to how to find out the profitability of each outlet. Learn how Jurnal can help advance the distribution business.


Wijaya Musik Indonesia at a Glance

Starting as a family business, Wijaya Musik has been making Indonesian family homes more lively since 1927. Initially, Wijaya Musik also sold sports equipment. At the end of 2019, the company changed its focus to selling musical instruments and serving buyers from all over Indonesia. 

With 4 outlets in Jakarta and 100 dealers spread across cities in Indonesia, Wijaya Musik can reach customers to areas where musical instruments are hard to find. Wijaya Musik has a vision to become a market leader by providing the best service. As a provider of quality musical instruments, Wijaya Musik also operates as a retail store for musical instruments and as a distributor for musical instrument stores.

Since 2016, Wijaya Musik has been established as a limited liability company and has begun to improve all business processes to become more standardized. Ravinjay, as the successor of the business, wants to make a change to become more digital and take advantage of online platforms.


Challenges Experienced by Wijaya Musik Indonesia During Business

As a retail brand & distributor of musical instruments with various product categories, Wijaya Musik has a total of up to 5000 products. Each branch sells musical instruments ranging from drums, electric and acoustic guitars, orchestral instruments, to musical instruments. marching band instrument. This is certainly a challenge in managing stock of goods, both for branch stores and for distribution to dealers.

The Wijaya Musik team does a stock inventory by creating categories and making a list of items and the location of the items. The challenge is managing the stock of goods in 4 warehouses. Many files and papers as well as manual processes are still being done.

Stock taking is done on paper, which is sometimes forgotten to be entered into the computer so that the stock is not recorded accurately. In addition, the process of inputting goods at the time of stock taking must be done per product, not per warehouse. This also makes it difficult for management to know the total stock of goods.

Another difficulty is in the price of goods, the admin must record the purchase price and selling price on paper, because the system used by Wijaya Musik at that time could not display the purchase price. There is no valid data that can be used as a reference to make product purchases. The purchasing process, stock, condition of goods also cannot be tracked quickly because it is still manual.

“We did not get a comprehensive financial report. We don’t know the calculation of net profit, gross profit, or COGS.” said Ravinjay, Owner of Wijaya Musik Indonesia.

Manual processes for calculations such as using a calculator were still carried out before Wijaya Musik used the Jurnal. “Previously we have also used ERP software from abroad, which can only be accessed using certain computers, so the process is very complicated.” said Ravinjay, Owner of Wijaya Musik Indonesia.

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Strategies for Using Mekari Jurnal

Starting from a desire to make business processes more digital and practical, Ravinjay began to try to put into practice several initiatives that could facilitate the stock management process.

“I want to be able to manage Wijaya Musik remotely and make the business process easier. We use Jurnal because the system can be accessed anywhere and there is no need for installation,” said Ravinjay, Owner of Wijaya Musik Indonesia.

Among all the packages owned by the Jurnal, Wijaya Musik Indonesia uses the Enterprise package. This is because Wijaya Musik Indonesia needs a more sophisticated goods management system to solve the problems they have, especially considering that Wijaya Musik has 4 branches and dozens of dealers throughout Indonesia. Here, the multi warehouse feature and product location are considered to be very useful in the inventory management process. 

Not only stock management, Wijaya Musik also needs a better monitoring process for each branch. Each admin at 4 Wijaya Musik branches is provided with one full access, while other staff are given simpler access. With these access settings, only certain people can access some reports or data that are considered important.

One last system added by Wijaya Musik Indonesia is KlikPajak, which is integrated directly with the Jurnal software. With this integration, financial reports can be directly linked to tax reporting. So the time needed to create this report can be drastically reduced, with better accuracy as well. 


The Benefits Experienced by Wijaya Musik Indonesia After Using Enterprise

After using Mekari Jurnal, the recording system is now done digitally, so that the existing data can be more accountable. Owned data can also be processed automatically into several reports. This makes it easier for Wijaya Musik to calculate the profitability of each product. 

Wijaya Musik management finds it easier to make decisions because it is supported by valid and complete data such as sales data for each branch and stock from each warehouse. Supervision of thousands of stocks can also be done practically without the need to come to the warehouse, because stock data is always updated in real-time every time there is a transaction.

With the Jurnal, the administrative process and stock management of goods to branches and delivery of goods to dealers can be monitored easily.

Jurnal are the backbone of Wijaya Musik’s operational process because all data is stored in the Jurnal. We use 95% of Jurnal features. All processes are online, now since using Jurnal, we can work online.” closed Ravinjay, Owner of Wijaya Musik Indonesia.

Other distribution businesses may experience similar problems. But like Wijaya Musik, you can complete these challenges with the help of Jurnal. Equipped with eight complete excellent features ranging from accounting to taxation. Mekari Jurnal provides automation solutions in processing all transactions to produce financial reports that facilitate business and business development. 

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