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Production Management

Integrated production process with accounting

production management

Capture product and cost information comprehensively from assembly to finished goods for seamless operations

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Why businesses use Mekari Jurnal production management

performance management

Production process visibility

Systematic recording from raw material preparation, production processes, to providing complete information about finished products

manajemen data inventory

Automated production bookkeeping

Production data seamlessly connects with the accounting module for cost recording, journal entries, and updated financial report

fulfillment gudang

Streamlined team collaboration

Production, warehouse, and other department can monitor work online, saving time manual follow-ups

Manage production operations in one online dashboard

Create a component list for optimal production planning with Bill of Materials

  • Plan inventory to ensure sufficient stock of each component to meet production demand
  • Support estimating production costs by providing a complete list of required components and materials
  • Quality management by ensuring components incoming and outgoing the production process meet specified specifications
Mekari Jurnal

Create production guides and monitor the process with Work Orders

  • Define production steps and costs by providing routing information
  • Specify the type of work order (assembly/disassembly) according to your business needs
  • Track production status through an online dashboard that can be updated by the production team at any time
Mekari Jurnal

Provide detailed information about finished goods for optimal inventory management

  • Include serial numbers for easy inventory tracking
  • Complete batch and expiry information to prevent expired products
  • Allocate warehouse placement and storage locations for easy retrieval of goods
Mekari Jurnal

Various features for easier monitoring and recording of production process

bill material

Bill of Materials

Component list for efficient production planning

work order

Work Order

Production process guide to ensure timely and accurate output

task check


Record production steps and determine costs for each step

buat atau assembly


Combination or transformation process from raw materials to finished goods

manajemen flexible


Disassemble or break down one product into several components for business purposes

dashboard online

Online Dashboard

Monitor and manage the production process via dashboard anytime, anywhere


What is production management?

A production management system is a framework for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the production process of goods or services. This process can involve managing machinery, raw materials, and technology to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

The benefits include ensuring smooth and efficient production. This system involves starting from facility capacity planning, estimating market demand, production scheduling, and supply chain management. Good management can prevent inventory shortages, minimize wait times, and increase customer satisfaction.

Production management performance can be measured using various metrics such as production speed and volume, resource utilization efficiency, on-time delivery rate, and customer satisfaction levels through the use of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Ultimately, production management ensures that goods can be delivered to consumers at the right time and with maintained quality.

Mekari Jurnal comes with various automation features, including production management features that can enhance efficiency and flexibility in production management. A digitally connected production system allows for real-time monitoring, predictive data analysis, and faster decision-making.

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