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Cash flow & Transaction
Cash flow software and transactions management

All transaction activities are recorded and arranged in one dashboard for easier access whenever you need. No more waiting for compiling many data.

Cashflow management software

The feature offers businesses and individuals a streamlined and automated way to track their financial inflows and outflows. By reducing manual errors, providing real-time financial insights, integrating seamlessly with other financial tools, and allowing for scenario planning in making informed decisions and anticipating financial challenges.

Cash & Bank

Cash & Bank

Input all incoming and outgoing transactions related to Bank via AP & AR Management. Manage financial positions of various accounts in real time easily.

  • View real time financial positions on various accounts
  • Tracking / recording transfers, receive & send money
Cashlink & Banks

Cashlink & Banks

Easier and faster reconciliation process with auto recommendations system for matching transactions based on numbers, dates, or descriptions of the same transactions.

  • Cashlink Transfer
  • Bank Reconciliation Feature
  • Cashlink for one-click reconciliation
  • Match transaction data with checking accounts automatically
  • Journals matched transaction data automatically
  • Connect to multiple banks
Cashlink Transfer by Mandiri

Cashlink Transfer by Mandiri

New feature to make it easier, especially for Bank Mandiri customers. You can easily make transfers to other Bank Mandiri accounts directly from the Jurnal, without Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.

Jurnal Pay

Jurnal Pay

Receive payments faster with Jurnal Pay which is available for various payment options, from virtual accounts to credit cards. Automatic and instant bookkeeping, professional, fast and easy invoices management.

  • Make it easy for customers to complete transactions with variety of payment methods
  • Invoices with individual direct links to payment access are sent directly to e-mail
  • Latest automatic invoice status based on payment receipt
  • Automatic fund disbursement process
User settings

User settings

Make sure each user has access based on job roles . Manage each level and access security easily.

  • Determine access based on the job role of each user
  • More secured with self authorization
  • Interaction with your team is easier using comments section
Multi currencies

Multi currencies

Convert nominal transactions and your financial data to foreign currencies for flexible, instant and easy change of the numbers.

  • 25 optional currencies
  • Real time default exchange rates with the choice of bank fees, taxes or custom fees.

What is cash flow software?

Cash flow software is an application that keeps track of cash flow easily, fast, automatically, and in real time. Additionally, Jurnal online cash software gives you access to integrated bank reports whenever you need them.

Cash can be a very liquid and short-term investment. A company’s cash is usually held in the form of money-cash (such as banknotes, coins, money orders, checks, and so on) that can be used quickly in a certain amount for general company activities.

Application/system transaction management refers to how transactions are arranged. ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) must be maintained during these transactions.

The cash flow statement shows the cash inflow, cash outflows and cash equivalents. A cash flow statement consists of three parts: cash flows from operating activities, cash flows from investing activities, and cash flows from financing activities.

With Jurnal feature, you can manage your business’s cash flow more easily. As a result of this application, all of your transaction activities can be matched automatically and in real time with your bank, which simplifies and speeds up the reconciliation process.

You can try Jurnal software for 14 days for free. You can try the free trial, register here, or view the packages and features of the Jurnal software here.

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