Accounting Program

Best Accounting Program for Business

Jurnal features provides data with accurate profit and loss calculations. With easy-to-use system, Jurnal accounting program and system minimizes the risk of mistakes in daily accounting work.



Get bookkeeping done two times faster without having to wait for end of the month. Not only expenses and income, Jurnal’s financial reports are equipped with a balance sheet report, profit & loss and cash flow.

  • CoA (List of Accounts)
  • General Ledger (Buku Besar)
  • Trial Balance
  • Jurnal Entry
  • Digital transaction attachments
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Sales & purchase module

Sales & purchase module

Efficient and accurate recording of all transaction activities both sales and purchases. With automatic system, your data is arranged accurately and with less human error.

  • Control, review, and monitor every draft transaction for sales and purchase
  • Track payment & purchase transactions with the search bar
  • Import sales & purchase transactions
  • Sales & purchase transactions record
  • Sales transaction approval
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Automatic fixed asset management

Automatic fixed asset management

Ensuring your business assets can maintain their value for a long time. Manage your business assets with an easy-to-use automated system.

  • List of fixed assets based on asset status
  • List of new assets
  • Depreciation calculation method choices
  • Automatic shrink & return schedule
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What is an accounting program?

The accounting program is a system designed to handle accounting tasks such as recording business, financial, and corporate transactions quickly and accurately to produce reports.

The program is available in the mobile version, in the form of applications that can be downloaded and used for accounting matters on Android and iOS devices.

The software complete features and easy automation, and it’s online (cloud or web based), where the accounting work process can be accessed in real time.

Generally speaking, accounting programs include accounting tools & features, as same as Jurnal, which include accounting financial report features, cash & transactions, invoice creation (invoices), inventory management, cost and budget management features, plus taxation.

Jurnal accounting program is very easy to use anywhere and anytime, so you can monitor business developments easily.

Aside from having complete tools and features and being certified secure, Jurnal has also been trusted by numerous businesses and companies in Indonesia. Learn from Jurnal clients how the program has helped them.

Our program has different packages to meet the needs of various types of businesses scales. These packages are available at the Jurnal accounting program prices.

A complete and ready-to-use integrated accounting tool, Jurnal enables users to create accounting reports quickly and accurately.

The Jurnal is also an online program (web base) whereas many other programs are still running offline, such as Excel-based accounting formulas.

Unlike Jurnal, which are readily available for use, programs such as excel require special formula templates to accomplish accounting work.

As well, our feature has a bank-class security certificate, which ensures that your company data is safe and confidential.

Get full features and all the benefits to complete accounting work by registering and using Jurnal, free trial here.

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