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Accurate, automated bookkeeping from the best accounting program

Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping to a faster accounting with zero risk of miscalculation

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Save the time wasted on data reconciliation

Manual accounting that takes a long time now can be replaced by automated synchronization for every transaction

Reconcile your data without wasting effort and energy

    • Track data with ease for every document are safely kept with cloud technology.
    • No need to reconcile for every sale, purchase, and expenses transaction is automatically recorded in the system.
    • Complete and automated bookkeeping modules from CoA, General Journal, General Ledger, and Balance Sheet.

The administrative process took much effort and time

    • Data finding took a long time for it’s not synchronized and centralized.
    • A high effort is needed to reconcile data for it’s done manually.
    • Special skill is needed to create a financial report and follow the accounting standard.
Christina Suriadjaja

“The steps for accounting automation that is given from Mekari Jurnal helps Travelio to process the business faster and more efficiently. The cash flow bookkeeping and financial report creations that used to took at least 2 days, now can be done within minutes.”

Christina SuriadjajaCo-founder & Chief Strategy Officer Travelio

Start your bookkeeping with ease using Mekari Jurnal

Accounting program that can be used by anyone

With a user-friendly system and the help of the support team, anyone can use Mekari Jurnal. Even without any accounting background

Complete solution from migration to implementation

    • Can be used by people without an accounting background due to automated bookkeeping. Only data input is needed.
    • A complete guide for Mekari Jurnal application through books, videos, and a series of the FAQ.
    • Reports are based on Indonesia’s accounting standard and can be exported to excel and pdf

Hard to understand and implement

    • Need further knowledge to understand and do the accounting process.
    • Migration is complex and lacks a support team that can answers business needs 24/7.
    • No standardization results in every division had a different report format.
Wanda Zafirah

“I feel Mekari Jurnal is very helpful for people that never use online software. First, from efficiency, we can directly do data import.”

Wanda ZafirahFinance Accounting Supervisor Gamal Men

Start accounting process easier with Mekari Jurnal

Minimalize error due to miscalculation

Mekari Jurnal system is using automated calculation with a complete formula, so you don’t need to do a manual calculation

Create reports without needing to be an accounting expert

    • Data is precisely valid with the cashlink feature that connects your bank account with Mekari Jurnal.
    • No need to be afraid of misplacing the debit and credit because the bookkeeping will be managed by the system.
    • Practical and complete with a variety of modules from sales, purchasing to products.

Extra focus is needed to minimize miscalculation

    • Financial data can be forged by changing the numbers on reports.
    • Need further processing through manual recapitulation to create a consolidated report.
    • Special skills are needed to create complete bookkeeping from the general journal to financial reports.

“Bookkeeping is now done digitally, therefore the data is more accountable. The data we have is also processed automatically to several reports.”

RavinjayOwner Wijaya Musik Indonesia

Create bookkeeping with zero error with Mekari Jurnal

We grow with several industries in Indonesia

Mekari Jurnal keep making innovation that makes it possible for us to fulfill every business need in each industry

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Relish various benefits from reliable features

Enjoy the ease in creating online bookkeeping with Mekari Jurnal


No more hassle to record transactions in your book
    • Accounting recorded automatically
    • Profit/loss statement, balance sheet, and cashflow
    • Chart of Accounts
    • General journal and ledger
    • Digital documents for transactions

Sales and purchases

Record all sales and purchases automatically
    • Track transactions using a search bar
    • Import sales and purchases transactions
    • Real-time records

Asset management

Manage all business assets easier
    • New asset recording
    • Straight-line & reducing balance methods
    • Automatic depreciation calculation
    • Depreciation calculation schedule

What is an accounting program?

An accounting program is software that is made to process a calculation for accounting, from collecting data transactions to resulting in a financial report automatically. The results are fast and accurate and can be accessed through devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Through accounting programs, a long and complex accounting process will be simplified and easy to do at an affordable price.

With the help of a computerized accounting program, the management and accounting process for business can be done with ease and automatically.

An accounting program can also manage your financial data in a short period, so your company can save time and do the cost-efficiency in supporting your business growth.

The main features of the accounting program Mekari Jurnal are bookkeeping, sales and purchases modules, and asset management. These three main features will help a company to scale up its business in a fast and modern way.

There are also other features such as invoice management, product stock, and business reports.

Computerized accounting is the usage of computer and accounting software to record, keep, and analyze financial data in result for a financial report that can help to make a business decision.

While computerization is the change of processing data mechanism from manual to automated using the computer.

An accounting cycle is a process that starts in collecting and recording business transactions, and then it will be structurally processed and ends in creating a closing journal during a certain period.

A cycle of accounting can be done easily if it was processed automatically using online accounting software.

While the definition of accounting is the process to record every financial transaction, then it will be processed to grouping, resulting in data that can be used for business decisions.

This process can be done easily with online accounting software that can process it automatically and in real-time.

So, with the help of a computerized accounting programs, you can be more focused to develop your business.

Before you decide to subscribe or choose which online accounting programs are the best, please try a free trial here, or if you already know which package to choose, see the complete pricing from Mekari’s Jurnal package here.

If you are using Android or iOS, you can download the app at this link below:

Download Android accounting program
Download iOS accounting program

With more businesses on growth and a tight competitor race, we can’t depend on a manual system, aside from wasted effort, it’s also has a high risk of miscalculation and needs a longer time.

With the latest computerized accounting program from Mekari, a modern business can run fast and controlled with ease.

The conclusion is, computerized accounting is a system that can manage every business transaction from collecting the data to processing it until it results in a high-impact report to help the business scale up faster.

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