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Pay and receive money anytime

No hassle having to prepare for a virtual account, credit card, or e-wallet for all payment partners. Get access to all payment methods with one digital wallet

Thousands of businesses and transactions have trusted Mekari Pay

transactions processed with Mekari Pay every month
5 billion rupiahs
total transaction amount every month
time reduced by using Mekari Pay

A new way of an easy, fast, and simple transaction

Learn how Mekari Pay change how you transact with customers, clients, and suppliers

Receive money from any bank and system on one digital wallet

With Mekari Pay, you can get payment from a bank or your client’s preference without needing to open an account in the bank or related system. Manage your transaction efficiently

Get payment from customers easier and faster

  • Complete integration. Mekari Pay can accept payment from all banks, credit cards, or e-wallets
  • Instant disbursement. Get your payment directly to avoid the cash flow problem
  • Save cost. No need to spend for additional fees

Start receiving more efficient payment through Mekari Pay

Manage invoices easily, no matter the amount

Mekari Pay helps you not to lose any amount of money from the value that you should receive. Integration with Jurnal ease the invoice management with bookkeeping


Receive all payments without a miss

  • Free from fraud. No need to worry about reforged transfer-proof
  • Invoice management dashboard. See invoice's real-time status from one dashboard
  • Automatic bookkeeping. Every transaction is automatically recorded in your Jurnal bookkeeping
  • Safe as a bank. Every transaction is processed with bank safety standard

Eliminate inefficiency or loss when receiving payment

Send payment to all banks and systems through one digital wallet

No need to open a different account when managing your cash. Manage all of it in one Mekari Pay account, transfer access to all banks in Indonesia

Pay faster and more efficient to all banks

  • All banks, one account. The transaction can be more practical with broader bank networks
  • Save transfer fee. Transfer fee to the bank is cheaper than conventional bank
  • Practical with multi-payment batch. Pay to several accounts in different banks with one click

Send payment with one click through Mekari Pay

Send payment more accurate without any error

Mekari Pay helps you to do more accurate and practical payment.


Avoid fraud with the approval process

  • Single entry transaction. Monitoring can be more effective with one Mekari Pay account
  • Minimize risk of error with approval feature. Only approved transactions will be processed
  • Fraud - free. No more reforged transaction or fake amount that can be your loss with automatic update

Make payment more practical and accurate with Mekari Pay

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