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Mekari Pay

An easy solution for automating your business payment process

mekari pay

Sending and receiving payments are simplified with a seamless automated system and direct integration with Mekari Jurnal

Why Mekari Pay?

Mekari Jurnal

Easy and simple

Send and receive payments on a single platform with multiple payment methods

Mekari Jurnal

Save bookkeeping time

All payment transactions are automatically recorded in Mekari Jurnal

Mekari Jurnal

Automatic transactions

Reduce administrative processes and manual checks

Available features in Mekari Pay

Mekari Jurnal
Receive payment
Receive payment

Collect payment from customer faster

  • Various payment methods
    Accept payment from your customers using a variety of payment methods (Virtual Account, Credit Card, and QRIS)
  • Send invoice digitally
    Issued invoices with multiple ways from Email, Whatsapp, or Link to fasten the payment process
  • Track customer payment in a single dashboard
    With real-time tracking in one centralized dashboard, you'll never miss a payment from a customer
Mekari Jurnal
Mekari Jurnal
Send payment
Send payment

Send payment to the supplier is easier

  • Free transaction fee
    Send payments to more than 50 bank accounts all over Indonesia without any additional charges
  • Multiple ways to set up payment
    Send your payment one-time, partially, or in bulk, following your business preferences
  • Track all your expense in one dashboard
    Monitor all of your payment transactions to suppliers in one centralized dashboard with layered approval features
Mekari Jurnal

Available payment methods

Mekari Jurnal

Virtual account

Get virtual accounts for your business from various banks

Mekari Jurnal

Credit card

Accept payment from Visa & Mastercard credit card
2,1% + Rp2.000

Mekari Jurnal


Accept payment via QRIS to make transactions easier

Mekari Jurnal

Bank transfer

Send payment to Mandiri, BCA, BNI, BRI, and many more

Testimonial from Mekari Pay users

“Overall experience with Mekari Pay is very satisfying because we can monitor all payment transaction data in real-time without manual checks”

Mekari Jurnal
Ginta Naufal
Owner - PT Nu Gen Daycare
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Mekari Pay?

Mekari Pay is a Jurnal-integrated solution for automating business payments. With multiple payment methods on a single platform, sending and receiving money is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Is there any additional cost to activate Mekari Pay?

No additional cost to activate Mekari Pay (free). Mekari Pay only charges for successful transactions based on the payment methods selected. Mekari Pay is currently only available for Mekari Jurnal subscriptions.

Your Mekari Pay account will be activated automatically after you submit the required information. You will need to submit additional documents to use all of Mekari Pay features, please allow 2×24 hours for processing time after they are received by the Mekari Pay team.

Mekari Pay transaction fees vary depending on the payment method used.

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