Run more profitable retail company with cloud based accounting

Improve business performance and profitability with real-time financial & operations insights. Connect and analyze all transaction data accurately in seconds for faster decision making.

Run more profitable retail company with cloud based accounting

Join with 20.000+ companies that transformed their business with Jurnal

Simplify the accounting process for your retail business

Jurnal accounting software is designed to help retail SME businesses to stand out. Find out how Jurnal can help you manage financial data quick and accurate so you can focus on business growth.

POS Integrations

POS Integrations

Simplify managing your daily financial work with a clear and systematic flow of data transfer and synchronization. All invoice data, sales, and payment profits are recorded automatically and can be accessed anytime.

  • Achieve your target faster with an easier payment process
  • Up-to-date with bank reconciliations from Jurnal
Transaction grouping

Transaction grouping

Jurnal has a “tag” option that allowed you to group all transactions in a project, so you can easily learn the number of incurred cost. It also helps you to save time on tracking the process practically.

  • Get instant report hassle-free with grouped data
  • Easy to monitor. Easy to control
  • More systematic with transactions that have been grouped by project, branch, or another category.
Multi warehouse locations

Multi warehouse locations

Maintain your productivity, with the easy access to monitor supplies availability from various warehouses at once without having to check one by one or go to the warehouse. You can also monitor your inventory in real-time

  • Warehouse transfer
  • Track inventory in specific warehouse instantly
  • Quantity and valuation report of warehouses

What you get with Jurnal

Run retail business easier with Jurnal. Cloud-based accounting software with automatic features you can use anytime, anywhere. These are benefits you get with Jurnal.

Monitor business anywhere

Monitor business anywhere

Cloud technology for easier control on business to keep running well remotely.

Easy-to-access integrated data

Easy-to-access integrated data

Easily connect with sales transactions and bookkeeping records automatically.

Better financial analysis

Better financial analysis

Get accurate financial and inventory data to analyze strategy to attracts your customers

More on Jurnal

Work more efficiently with various excellent features in Jurnal to help you manage business finances easier

  • Business performance dashboard
  • Complete financial report
  • Cash & Bank
  • Automatic fixed asset management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Online payment with Jurnal Pay
  • Multi Currencies
  • Online Invoice
  • Budgeting
  • Automatic tax report

More questions?

Read the complete list of questions and answers about Jurnal on our FAQ page.

No, because Jurnal is a subscription software with features that offered is according to available packages.

Currently, from many online accounting software in Indonesia, we are the only software that is certified by ISO27001 which already has the Bank level security system and that’s why we have also collaborated with large banks in Indonesia such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, CIMB, and OCBC NISP.

We monitor the database regularly via Amazon Web Service and our internal office. We do a multiple backup, that automatically saves the data every hour in multiple encrypted servers.

Jurnal has not provided features for custom reports, but no need to worry because already has more than 30 instant report that can also filter your reports to be more relevant

All the updates will be done automatically because all of the data is stored in the cloud and our web-based system. We will also provide notifications and notifications before and after the update (Change log).

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