Mekari Jurnal
Inventory Management System

Manage every product in all warehouses easily

Make the right business innovation from real-time data from bestselling product to cost structure with inventory system

Trusted by 35,000+ businesses in Southeast Asia

Why do businesses use Mekari Jurnal Inventory Management

performance management

Stock management with no error

With automatic update features that eliminate manual reconciliation

fulfillment gudang

Inventory management center

The calculation for each product in all warehouses is precise & realtime

manajemen data inventory

Flexible product strategy

Product price strategy that can be modified based on your needs

Check the stock faster with
inventory management software

Fast data recapitulation without worry

  • Direct synchronization to the transaction makes it possible to do a stock recap accurately based on the latest condition.
  • No need to update the stock report for it will be automatically updated to the system.
  • Automatic reminder for almost empty stock so production plan and sales will be more accurate.

Learn the latest condition of business from stock overview

  • Accurate product status with available stock, nearly empty stock, and empty stock at all warehouses.
  • Get automatic reminders for the nearly empty stock by setting the minimum amount for all products.
  • Learn the right value of a product based on buying prices, selling prices to average prices per product.

Set your product price with more certainty

  • Create a pricing rule for chosen contacts that enables you to maximize business profit.
  • Detailed price component for every product with a period, product to discount type.
  • Integrated to the sales invoice for ease and flexibility on payment.

Various benefits for easy inventory management


Best selling product/trend

Find out top selling and most profitable items

sinkron mata uang

Stock Adjusment

Easy steps to do stock taking with automatic system

Manajemen inventori optimal

Detailed data on product availability

Calculate inventory carefully and thoroughly

menu upload

Real-time monitoring

Track the status of goods in each warehouse quickly

surat jalan

Check the movement of goods

Easily view the movement and status of goods from a specific warehouse location

No learning curve

Pricing Flexibility

Set prices for various products based on your needs


“Mekari Jurnal helps businesses in having an inventory system that is easy to use such as notification and direct product calculation, tracing the bestselling product, importing the inventory data, monitoring multi branch business, and managing minimal stock per product to ordering on time.”

Ari Budiman
Founder Rock Nation


What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software is a tool to efficiently track and manage their inventory levels including the organizing stock, monitoring inventory movement, optimizing reorder points, and ensuring adequate stock levels to meet customer demand while minimizing excess inventory.

The benefit of web-based inventory management software are plenty, one of the main benefits is to get the stock report faster, accurately, and in real-time. The reports usually include stock, price, and in and out sales data.

Stock op-name is to recalculate physical stocks in the warehouses and adjust to the inventory system that is used.

Inventory software feature from Mekari Jurnal can help the company to do stock adjustment automatically and in real-time. You can also do it for several warehouses at a single time. Inventory management features and warehouse management features are included in one integrated inventory system.

Mekari Jurnal is a web-based inventory software that can be accessed anywhere anytime.

While other offline inventory programs can’t be checked in real-time, especially for new data updates.

Besides, inventory program features in Mekari Jurnal offer another solution that other inventory software doesn’t have, which is product bundling and multi warehouses features.

Yes, Mekari Jurnal inventory software feature can be used from desktop or mobile that will help you monitor stock movement in several warehouses in real-time.

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