Product & Inventory
Monitor business closely with inventory management software & system

Maintain business performance by staying on top of stock availability with inventory system that presents product reports and storage fast, easy, and in real time.

Product bundling

Product bundlingNEW

Create exciting offers for customers by creating bundling products of main and sub products. Get stock details of several different types of products easily in one click.

  • Monitor product availability and price details
  • Find out top selling and most profitable items
  • Track and monitor your business production expenses in real time
  • Get sales & purchases reports for each product
  • Create special offers for specific customers
Inventory management

Inventory management

Find out product availability in warehouse easily and in real time. Get notified and calculate inventory directly.

  • Real time storage amount status
  • Find out top selling and most profitable items
  • Adjustment of stock items for stock taking
  • Complete data (old and new stock)
  • Inventory records
Multi location warehouses

Multi location warehouses

Manage multiple warehouses easily in one platform. Find out and monitor total number of items in your various stores in real time.

  • Monitor product status in several warehouses at once in real time.
  • Get stock reports automatically and accurately.
  • Anticipate excess or shortage of products from sudden changes in supply/demand with automated system.
  • Monitor produck movement accurate with up-to-date records.

What is an inventory management software?

Inventory management software streamlines aspects of warehouse management and inventory tracking, allowing you to manage reorders, update accounting data, and track inventory.

Using inventory software from Jurnal can help reduce company expenses so that your business can be more profitable.

Because inventory management software allows you to track your stock in real time, from when you place the order with your supplier until it reaches your customer. As a result, there is no need to check stock levels repeatedly, since they are always accurate.

In the Jurnal software system, all inventory management features are included. The price of the software can be found on this page.

It is relatively affordable, so anyone can use it, from small-medium companies to enterprise companies.

Using Jurnal, you can access company inventory data directly, at any time and from anywhere.

As opposed to other inventory software that are usually offline, you cannot check data in real-time, especially the latest stock data.

Furthermore, this inventory software offers other functions that other Indonesian software does not, such as bundles of products and a multi-warehouse stock feature. Find more information about Jurnal accounting software here.

Jurnal inventory software is available on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. This allows you to synchronize inventory across multiple warehouses at the same time.

Visit the following link to download the Jurnal mobile application.

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