Mekari Jurnal Integration

Run business more efficient and easier with integrated system

Run business more productive with Mekari Jurnal integrated ecosystem. Various additional apps are integrated easily to dashboard without third parties.

Run business more efficient and easier with integrated system

Centralized Payroll and Bookkeeping Process

Synchronize HR data automatically with comple number calculation.

Easily record payroll expenses into real-time accounting records

Automate work system, minimize human errors and can be monitored in real time.

Our ecosystem partners

Highly compliant tax process

Easily move sales invoice data, create e-Invoice to upload it and DJP & report taxes.

Simplify the process of making billing codes directly for payable taxes.

Easily process taxes without having to come to the Tax Office with accessible system from anywhere.

Our ecosystem partners

Monitor the company's financial condition seamlessly

Monitor company financial performance up to 10 outlets in real time.

Keep track of the latest financial conditions by combining reports from all outlets at once.

One click to download spreadsheet and convert to Excel or CSV format, just as you need.

Our ecosystem partners

Join us and integrate the your Mekari Jurnal app with more businesses tools to optimize your business process seamlessly.

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