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Save cost with a budget plan from the expense management software

No more inaccurate and not updated budget. Every business expense will be updated in real-time

business expense software

Better business performance with Mekari Jurnal

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No more overbudget in business with an expenses management program

Mekari Jurnal offers comprehensive features that will ease your business needs in managing costs and expenses

Create an accurate monthly budget that easy to track

A factor that took time when managing expenses is to create an accurate plan for months

No need to worry your cashflow will be disturbed

    • Create a monthly budget automatically to control your operational cost and cashflow.
    • Minimalize fraud risk by using synchronized data between cost and invoice.
    • Easy to understand through a concise dashboard to see total expenses per month to unpaid expenses.

Need a specialized skill to create an accurate budget

    • Need to input manually due to no automated system.
    • The amount can be forged due to unauthentic invoices.
    • Difficulty in managing expenses due to scattered data records.
Yudi Tukiaty

“I feel the ease from accounting record features such as expenses that can be modified based on our needs. Mekari Jurnal helps me to see the reports and data on eagle view/perspective.”

Yudi TukiatyCo-founder BARDI Smarthome

Create your budget plan with ease using Mekari Jurnal

Cut down unnecessary costs with detailed data

Budget management becomes more accurate with insightful data from Mekari Jurnal. Expenses become more controllable

Manage expenses more accurate with ease from one dashboard

    • Monitoring becomes more accurate with the approval feature for the system only processed approved draft transactions.
    • Control cash flow with budget comparison and real transactions on the expense report.
    • Make sure every project stay on track with cost analysis and expenses through grouping transactions.

Hidden expenses can happen due to a lack of control

    • Monitoring can take a long time for it has to be done one by one.
    • Expenses are inaccurate for it is not the real condition and no comparison.
    • Overbudget often happens due to a lack of monitoring and detailed calculation.
Benny Santoso

“The benefit that I felt after using Mekari Jurnal is we feel the transaction record is more organized, therefore when we need a report or to track some data, it becomes easier.”

Benny SantosoOwner IniTempe Bali

Make sure your budget stay on track with Mekari Jurnal

Reduce time and effort in doing manual work when managing expenses

Make sure expenses data is managed accurately with automatic calculation from Mekari Jurnal

Record and track expenses instantly

    • Complete with various payment methods so expenses can be recorded paid fully or as receivable.
    • Create recurring costs with ease using recurring features or duplicate transactions.
    • Analyze every project’s cost easily using the search feature or group transaction through tagging feature.

Administrative work that piles up results in late reports

    • Complex recording process due to every payment results in a different journal.
    • Need more effort to recap due to manually matching the bank account with the documents.
    • Manual data tracking needs a long time because the documents are stored separately.
Christina Suriadjaja

“Monitoring purchases and expenses is now easier using Mekari Jurnal, Travelio is able to see the chart of accounts of cash & bank with the total amount of balance in the cash & bank we have. Business development becomes more controllable and more organized.”

Christina SuriadjajaCo-founder & Chief Strategy Officer Travelio

Manage monthly expenses accurately with Mekari Jurnal

We grow with several industries in Indonesia

Mekari Jurnal keep making innovation that makes it possible for us to fulfill every business need in each industry

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Relish various benefits from reliable features

Enjoy the ease in managing business expenses with Mekari Jurnal

Budget management

Measure your business growth more effective with a budget plan
    • Monitor operational expenses per period
    • Track expenses per category
    • Create an automated budget plan periodically

Cost management

Monitor your business real cost compared with a budget plan
    • Cost detail
    • Automatic cost schedule
    • Track and record cost easily
    • Analyze cost per project

What is an expenses management program?

An expenses management program is software that is used to create a business budget plan and financial projection that can be done with ease, faster, and in real-time.

By using business expense software, expenses management and cost management will become more controllable and track able anytime anywhere.

A budget estimation plan is a calculation and detailed cost projection that is needed to run a business, therefore it is hoped by calculating the cost needed, the owner will know how to create a profitable business.

Using a program that can count budget estimation is very helpful because the result will be more accurate.

In managing and organizing a budget plan, you can choose a conventional way by excel or using online software.

If you want to use the best application that can be beneficial for your business, you have to try Mekari Jurnal software, online system with business expense software features to create a budget estimation plan.

Yes, Mekari Jurnal features can be used to create an estimation for the budget plan that is needed by the company.

It is used to measure the estimated cost that will be paid by the company to run the business in the next period.

There are 6 easy ways to create a budget estimation plan:

  1. Decide what and when the budget estimation plan will be used
  2. Record and categorize every necessary item
  3. Calculate how many items needed
  4. Find out the price per item that is recorded and categorized
  5. Count the total amount of every necessary item
  6. Evaluate and recapitulate so it goes based on the company initial plan
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