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Financial & Planning Analysis

Earn valuable business insights in no time

Automate report generation, financial data visualization, and summary creation with AI-based analysis for fast and informed decision-making

Trusted by 35.000+ businesses in Southeast Asia

Holistic business analysis solution for informed decision-making

Monitor target achievements and task lists through various reports and interactive visuals

  • Utilize multi dashboards to track target achievements or other financial aspects through easily understandable graphs
  • Monitor lists of debts, receivables, and available stock through an intuitive dashboard and reports at any time
  • Direct integration with financial data ensures consistency in reports and visuals
custom report analysis

Review achievements and get automatic summaries for easy data analysis

  • Leverage AI to assist in analyzing and summarizing cash flow and profit and loss reports for your business
  • Receive automatic profit and loss analysis reports every month to understand increases and decreases over the past three months.
  • Discover budget target achievements for each account through budget management reports
profit and lost report

Get AI-driven strategy recommendations for future business growth

  • AI-based analysis to generate recommendations based on profit and loss and cash flow reports
  • Utilize the conversation feature to discover customized report analysis according to your needs
  • Identify best-selling products for efficient restocking with product profitability reports
Mekari Jurnal

Various benefits of using Mekari Jurnal financial planning and analysis solution

Financial Data Consistency

Reports and charts linked to financial data for data consistency

Sinkronisasi dengan akuntansi

Real-time Reports

Automatic synchronization ensures reports and charts reflect the latest financial conditions


User-friendly Reports

Intuitive dashboards and visual graphics make it easy to analyze business performance

real time report

Multi Dashboard

Create various dashboards to monitor the achievements of the department of your choice


Access Control

Restrict access capabilities, create, edit, and perform other actions for each user based on their permissions

No learning curve

No learning curve

Platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface

“Monitoring real-time growth of the business without the need for comprehensive financial and cash flow reports requests. This enables Travelio to operate more agilely and focus on business expansion.”

Christina Suriadjaja
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Travelio


What is financial reporting?

Financial reports are records of a business or company’s financial data within a specific period, which can be utilized to assess the company’s performance.

With a financial reporting application, you can generate business reports automatically, efficiently, and more accurately.

Several types of reports or formats that are usually included are: profit and loss statement, statement of changes in equity, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and notes to other financial data.

All these types of report data can be found in financial reporting software applications like Jurnal

Yes, online financial reporting applications like Jurnal guarantee the security from loss or damage, and even data theft. This advantage is made possible by storing your business information securely on Jurnal servers, compared to storing it on your own drive.

With Jurnal, user data is always automatically backed up. This way, the security and continuity of business information are ensured with online services like Jurnal rather than using software that needs to be installed on a computer.

Jurnal company data and security systems are highly stringent, and consumer and user data in Jurnal are protected with features:

  • Jurnal is certified ISO 27001
  • Your data is stored using the AES-256 encryption method
  • Communication data is encrypted with SSL using a 2048-bit certificate
  • Registered with Fintech Indonesia
  • Registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia
  • Structured and organized access to administrative and employee data.

The application for creating financial reports can save a company’s work time, avoid errors or mistakes in financial calculations, and make business reporting safer, faster, and easier.

The benefits of this software include managing cash inflows and outflows and tracking money usage transactions within a company, organization, or business. The Jurnal financial application is also available on Android or iOS mobile applications (smartphones, tablets).

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