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Supply Chain Management

Manage centralized supply chain operations for financial data accuracy

Get better financial visibility by centrally managing production, inventory, and warehouse in accounting software

Trusted by 35,000+ businesses in Southeast Asia

Manage the whole supply chain process online

Manage purchase requests until the receipt of incoming goods in one online software

  • Comprehensive documentation of the entire process from purchase request to purchase invoice online
  • Send a purchase order to fulfillment to receive notifications for incoming goods preparation and monitor online
  • Provide batch information and location details such as row, rack, and bin for future inventory convenience
Inbound Fulfillment

Record every process of inventory changes for accurate financial reporting

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) to document the items that will be used in producing a new product
  • Work order to monitor the assembly/disassembly process of items to be produced
  • Assign serial numbers, batches, and expiry dates to ensure optimal inventory management
Bill of material x perintah kerja

Manage inventory and monitor warehouse activities online

  • Keep an eye on the available stock in each warehouse to prevent stock shortages.
  • Monitor activities such as warehouse transfer and stock adjustment through an online dashboard
  • Provide information on rows, racks, and bins in each warehouse for optimal warehouse utilization
Info stock product

Seamless sales with an integrated and online system

  • Send sales orders to fulfillment for the dispatch of pick-up and delivery requests to customers
  • Real-time stock reports with stock segregation when items enter the picking process at fulfillment
  • Monitor the picking goods in real-time to enhance customer experience
Data Pemenuhan penjualan

Get the benefits of using Mekari Jurnal's Supply Chain Management solution

Visiblitas end to end

End to end visibility

Track every stage of raw material procurement, production, storage, and sales

Sinkronisasi dengan akuntansi

Synchronize with accounting

Inventory data, production costs, and operational expenses are automatically recorded in financial reports

Manajemen inventori optimal

Optimal inventory management

You can embed expiry and batch information for effective use of items

Kemudahan kolabroasi

Ease of collaboration

Track stock, send requests, and monitor statuses online, no need for manual processes


Access control

Restrict access, editing capabilities, and other actions based on each user’s role

No learning curve

No learning curve

Platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface

Ary Budiman

“Mekari Jurnal helps businesses have an easy inventory system with features like direct product notifications and calculations, tracking best-selling products, importing inventory data, monitoring multi-branch businesses, and setting minimum stock levels for timely ordering.”

Ari Budiman
Founder of Rock Nation


What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management is the system includes and involves overseeing the entire process of product management and monitoring, sourcing, producing, and delivering goods or services to customers.

The SCM involves planning, execution, and optimization of operations to ensure efficiency and effectiveness throughout the supply chain network.

SCM software is a system to manage the supply chain processes, including inventory management, procurement, production, logistics, and distribution and as stock monitoring system.

Mekari Jurnal is an online accounting software that includes the capabilities and features of a web-based inventory application, allowing you to access company inventory data directly, anytime, and anywhere.

In contrast, other products come with offline systems where you cannot check real-time data, especially the latest stock information.

Moreover, Jurnal provides additional functions not found in other Indonesian inventory software, such as product bundles and multi-warehouse stock features. Read the full features of the Jurnal accounting program here.

Yes, the SCM software feature from Mekari Jurnal ensures security against loss, damage, and even data theft. This advantage is made possible by the fact that your business information can be securely stored on Jurnal servers compared to storing it on your own drive.

With Jurnal, user data is automatically backed up. This way, the security and continuity of business information are better maintained with online services like Jurnal compared to using software that needs to be installed on a computer.

The company’s data and Jurnal security systems are very strict, protecting consumer and user data with features:

  • Jurnal has been certified ISO 27001.
  • Your data is stored using AES-256 encryption methods.
  • Communication data is encrypted with SSL using a 2048-bit certificate.
  • Access to administrative and employee data is structured and organized.

See more details here.

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