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No. 1 Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) accounting application in Indonesia

Run your SME business more efficiently with Mekari Jurnal accounting software. Take control of your business

No. 1 Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) accounting application in Indonesia

Join with 20.000+ companies that transformed their business with Mekari Jurnal

Mekari Jurnal features that can help SME businesses

Find out how Mekari Jurnal’s accounting software can help you manage your data more accurately

Personalized invoices

Personalized invoices

Create invoices and add your company logo easily

  • 11 professional templates
  • Presented automatically
  • Free trial
Real-time stock report

Real-time stock report

Monitor stock inventory more accurately. Get stock reports in one click

  • Transaction visibility
  • Set the inventory costing method
  • Easier control of every transaction
Manage multiple warehouses

Manage multiple warehouses

Track transactions from each warehouse more accurately through the tagging feature

  • Group data
  • Transactions become more organized through data groups categorized by project or branch

Benefits of using Mekari Jurnal for SMEs

Run small & medium-sized businesses more easily through online accounting software

Suitable for SMEs

Suitable for SMEs

Complete features and easy-to-operate system

Efficient and flexible

Efficient and flexible

Check financial and inventory data without the need to go to a physical location

Integrated report

Integrated report

No need to be confused looking where to find information from financial reports

Other benefits of Mekari Jurnal

Manage business finances more efficiently with various features of Mekari Jurnal

  • Business performance dashboard
  • Complete financial report
  • Fixed asset management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Online payment with Mekari Pay
  • Online Invoice
  • Cost & Budget
  • Automatic tex report
  • SME bookkeeping application features

What is an SME accounting application?

The accounting application for SMEs is software designed to make it easier for SME entrepreneurs to manage their finances, from recording all transactions to making automatic and accurate reports.

Mekari Jurnal is software that is easy to use by small entrepreneurs who want to grow their business quickly at affordable price. The bookkeeping and financial reports produced are also comprehensive and provide information that helps in making business decisions for SMEs.

Does this accounting application for SMEs have a free version?

You can try this SME accounting software for free for 7 days by clicking here. After that, you can choose a package that suits your business needs starting from IDR 359k/month.

The main feature that SME entrepreneurs get from Mekari Jurnal is the bookkeeping feature. With features such as SME bookkeeping applications in general, entrepreneurs will find it convenient to take care of all business records and bookkeeping so that everything can be completed quickly, organized and easy.

You will be provided with a guide that explains how to use this software through our team. Mekari Jurnal software is designed with a user-friendly interface so that it can facilitate SMEs’ bookkeeping in managing finances more efficiently and accurately. We also have a live chat support feature to ask questions if you have problems using Mekari Jurnal.

In running an SME business, you must at least have the following features:

Invoice management to manage matters related to payments and transactions.

Cost management to ensure that the costs incurred do not exceed the set budget so that your SME business finances will remain healthy.

Management of stock items that can be updated in real-time.

Financial report management can show the company’s profit and loss quickly so it can help you make the next decision.

Mekari Jurnal has been equipped with these features which you can try free of charge for 14 days here.

There are many benefits that you get at a very affordable price, such as management and business accounting processes that can be completed easily, quickly, safely, and automatically. So you can focus on developing your SME business.

The most important thing is that all systems from the bookkeeping, accounting, invoice, and goods management reports are integrated into one system that is guaranteed, easy to use, and can be accessed whenever needed.

Mekari Jurnal has a mobile application that can help you monitor business finances anywhere in real-time.

Download the Mekari Jurnal mobile application at the following link.

Mekari Jurnal mobile version of Android
Mekari Jurnal mobile iOS version

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