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Small business accounting software to increase profitability

Run micro & small business more efficient and profitable by getting better asset value. With integrated small business accounting software that includes inventory counts and automated transaction analysis, you can stay in control of your business.

Small business accounting software to increase profitability

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Powerful and integrated features to help your micro & small business

Jurnal is designed for small & micro business. Find out how Jurnal helps you manage financial data quick and accurate so you can focus more on business growth.

Professional online invoice

Professional online invoice

No need specific admin to make invoices with professional look, in Jurnal you can create your own invoices and add your logo or brand easily.

  • 11 professional display templates
  • Add your logo
  • Ready in seconds
Real time storage reports

Real time storage reports

Monitor inventory stock by easily managing storage in real time. Get detailed storage reports on your inventory in one click.

  • Sync inventory cost methods to reports
  • Control and monitor status easier
  • Greater visibility of transactions
Transaction grouping

Transaction grouping

Jurnal has a “tag” option that allowed you to group all transactions in a project, so you can easily learn the number of incurred cost. It also helps you to save time on tracking the process practically.

  • Get reports easier with grouped data
  • Analyze and monitor status of each transaction easily
  • More organized with transactions grouped by project, branch or other category.

What you get with Jurnal

Run micro & small business easier with Jurnal. Cloud-based accounting software with automatic features you can use anytime, anywhere. These are the benefits you get with Jurnal.

Perfect for SME

Perfect for SME

Complete SME finance process easier. Make administrative work easier with neat flow.

Efficients and flexible

Efficients and flexible

Easier and more flexible operations by accessing latest status and real time inventory data

Integrated reports

Integrated reports

Get integrated sales reports to make more informed choices for your business

More on Jurnal

Work more efficient with various excellent features in Jurnal to help you manage business finances easier

  • Business performance dashboard
  • Complete financial report
  • Cash & Bank
  • Automatic fixed asset management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Online payment with Jurnal Pay
  • Multi Currencies
  • Online Invoice
  • Budgeting

What is small business accounting software?

The small business accounting and bookkeeping software is a software designed to make it easier for SME entrepreneurs to manage their finances from recording all transactions to generating automatic and accurate reports.

Jurnal.id offers software that is extremely easy to use for small entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business quickly at a very affordable price. As a result, financial reports are complete and provide information that is useful for business decisions.

For most small businesses, there are two main accounting methods:

Cash basis accounting method: This is the simplest type of accounting. Cash income is recorded when you receive it, and expenses are recorded when you pay the bills. You can see your cash flow in real-time using this method.

Accrual accounting method: Businesses that have inventory or manufacture products must use this method. Regardless of when the cash is actually collected, revenue and expenses are always matched. Businesses with long business cycles may benefit from this method. When it takes a long time to collect money from a customer, the accrual method can help you see the money coming in.

Before you buy small business accounting software, you should consider the following factors

  1. Easily accessible from anywhere and at any time
  2. Scalable and easy to use
  3. Has many features, including bookkeeping, invoicing, inventory management, and reporting.
  4. The cost is affordable for small businesses

Currently, from many online accounting software in Indonesia, we are the only software that is certified by ISO27001 which already has the Bank level security system and that’s why we have also collaborated with large banks in Indonesia such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, CIMB, and OCBC NISP.

We monitor the database regularly via Amazon Web Service and our internal office. We do a multiple backup, that automatically saves the data every hour in multiple encrypted servers.

Here are simple tips on getting bookkeeping right

  • Create a New Business Account
  • Set Budget Aside for Tax Purposes
  • Always Keep Your Records Organised
  • Track Your Expenses
  • Maintain Daily Records
  • Leave an Audit Trail
  • Stay on Top of Your Accounts Receivable
  • Keep Tax Deadlines in Mind
  • Start Using Software Now
  • Learn More About Making Tax Digital


Journal accounting software is remarkably affordable; it starts at Rp. 199,000 per month. You can talk to our team if you want an advanced accounting system with more comprehensive features.

Visit our pricing page here for more details.

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