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Starting from Rp500,000per month*

Your tax report and payment solution, accredited by Ditjen Pajak Indonesia. Klikpajak enables easier, safer, and integrated solution for all your tax needs.

What you will get:

  • Manage bukti potong PPh 23 dan PPh 26 anytime, anywhere
  • Create tax invoice and easily report your PPn without any app installations
  • Report and pay tax online, complete with proof of payment & electronic reporting
  • See all your tax report and payment record, safely in Klikpajak

Recomended Add-ons

IconAdditional User Access

Enable more user to acess your Mekari Jurnal account

Starting From Rp 99,000/user/month

IconPOS Integration

Direct connection between transaction and bookkeeping

Starting from Rp 200,000/month

IconAdvanced feature add-ons

Get additional capabilities to solve complex business issues

Starting from Rp 150,000/month

IconCustom invoice template

Design a personalized invoice that can suit your specific business need

Starting from Rp 1,000,000/template

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is software that is specifically designed to record and process all accounting transaction activities such as bookkeeping, financial records, and profit and loss statements of a business or business activity.

Mekari Jurnal provides automation solutions in processing all transactions that occur to produce financial reports that facilitate business and business development.

Mekari Jurnal uses cloud technology that can store all data securely so that it can be accessed anytime anywhere in real-time.

The accounting process is more efficient, fast, instant, and easy to access. Accounting software can be used at an affordable price. You don’t need to hire accounting or use a formula in the calculation. Automatic bookkeeping can be safe without any miscalculation risk from human error, which often happens in the manual accounting process.

Accounting software pricing

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