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Monitor every outlet's performance within minutes

See detailed performance from each outlet from one dashboard. Analyze data and make business decisions faster using franchise accounting software from Mekari Jurnal

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Unintegrated data make business reports not accurate

Stock management in multi-outlet needs extra accuracy. Manual bookkeeping makes it difficult for the owner to monitor the latest update


Difficulty handling raw stock due to unstandardized reports

Item’s position in multiple warehouses make it difficult to learn about the stock

Find out the stocks within minutes

Get real-time data for your products across multiple warehouses from Mekari Jurnal. Accurate and trusted

Mekari Jurnal

Create product shipment schedule accurately

Monitor real-time stock reports. Analyze and control stock movement through one integrated system. No more out-of-stock items for franchisee

    • Manage stocks from one dashboard
    • Calculate stock conversion faster
    • Stock automatically updated with sales and purchase transaction
Mekari Jurnal

Find information about stock instantly

Use the search bar to find transactions based on a tag. Mark transaction with tagging features based on categories such as a menu or item type.

    • Get reports easier with group transactions
    • Control and monitor item status
    • Check real-time item status
Mekari Jurnal

Monitor stock movement in multiple warehouses

Learn the whole stock’s availability faster. Manage raw stock accurately with Multi Warehouse feature.

    • Check real-time stock
    • Get a reminder for nearly out-of-stock products
    • Check the value and amount for each item in every warehouse

“With Mekari Jurnal, Foresthree is able to monitor real-time stock and do stock opname. Management can do efficiency, in terms of energy, time and cost.”

Izza Pradana PutraFinance Accounting Manager PT Foresthree Waralaba Indonesia

Monitor your stock optimally with Mekari Jurnal

With an automatic update on every transaction, the stock becomes more accurate. Find out the stock in multiple outlets from one dashboard


Difficulty evaluating franchisee's data due to scattered reports

Unintegrated data make it difficult for management to measure performance

Manage every franchisee's data holistically

Manage every outlet’s report centralized from one dashboard. Use consolidation report to monitor business with ease using Mekari Jurnal

Mekari Jurnal

Evaluate every franchisee performance through a consolidation report

Analyze whole performance for franchisees using a consolidated report. Data are accurate, integrated,  and real-time

    • See the whole business performance
    • Get reports automatically from all franchisee
Mekari Jurnal

Learn the trend and performance for every franchisee

Group the transaction based on categories such as franchisee, outlet, or others. Manage based on your needs.

    • Analyze trends deeper
    • Control and monitor transaction status

“Mekari Jurnal can fill our needs in managing finance with real-time monitoring system. This is very helpful for a company that has thousands of franchisee.”

Hendy SetionoFounder & CEO Babarafi Enterprise

Manage franchisee more optimally with Mekari Jurnal

Monitor every franchisee’s report centralized from one dashboard. Use consolidation report to monitor business with ease


Difficulty making business decision due to unreliable data

Management is having difficulty making the next steps due to unstandardized reports

Learn profitability reports from every franchisee

Monitor your whole business profitability with ease for every outlet with integrated sales data

Mekari Jurnal

Monitor the whole business through consolidated reports

Get the right business insight easily through integrated POS reports and Mekari Jurnal system

    • Sales and stock data updated automatically
    • Ease the reporting for each franchisee
    • Accurate with bank reconciliation from Mekari Jurnal
Mekari Jurnal

Get high impact business insight instantly

Learn the sales trend with Business Performance Dashboard. Find out which is the best-selling menu throughout period.

    • Easy to understand business overview
    • Customized dashboard design based on your needs
    • Access to 30+ financial reports template instantly
Mekari Jurnal

Analyze cost and profit more detail

Monitor your budget and real-time production cost. Comprehensive reports from Mekari Jurnal can help to create a budget planning

    • Create product pricing more flexible with Product Bundling
    • A more controlled and accurate transaction with a tagging feature
    • Calculate production cost easily with a  conversion feature

“The availability for real-time monitoring and real-time reporting is now faster than before. In 5 seconds, we can get the latest update. This impacted on our decision-making process.”

Hendy SetionoFounder & CEO Baba Rafi Enterprise

Make the right business decision faster with Mekari Jurnal

Create business innovation supported by real-time and accurate data

We recommend the following package and add-ons
for the franchise industry


Packages that are suitable for businesses with multi-warehousing, multi-currency and API integration needs

Profitability Report
start fromRp 150.000per month

Learn the contribution of every product to business’s profit in general

Multi-Product Pricing
start fromRp 150.000per month

Manage the pricing rule for a specific condition

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