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Product Management

Efficient operations through centralized complex product information

SCM product management

With an online dashboard, you can manage and access product data centrally to minimize confusion and enhance team coordination

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Why do businesses use Mekari Jurnal's product management

performance management

Manage complex product data practically

Handle variations and detailed information of each product through an intuitive dashboard for ease of search and product information management

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Consistent product information

Product information can be updated centrally to ensure all employees have the same real-time information

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Integrated with warehouse and inventory

Product availability and storage locations can be accessed in one dashboard to help work efficiently

Manage the entire product data management process

Document all product data for consistency across the entire team

  • Provide product codes, barcodes, and appropriate inventory management categories
  • Monitor available stock and purchase/selling prices for efficient procurement
  • Ensure product availability by setting minimum stock limits in the warehouse
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Product variations

  • Manage various types of variations for business operational ease
  • Handle diverse product variations under one product name
  • Smooth sales thanks to centralized availability information for variations under one product. Optimize restocking processes with centralized information for bulk purchases
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Track transactions and available stock for each product from the online dashboard

  • Understand the history of incoming and outgoing items for each product
  • Monitor product availability across various locations for warehouse transfer determination
  • Allocate warehouse placement and storage locations for ease of item retrieval
product movement

Various features facilitate monitoring and recording of the production process

bill material

Centralization of product data

Employees can access product information and stock from one online source

work order

Product variant

Manage complex and diverse product types conveniently

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Barcode support

Easily record and update stock using barcode codes

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Easily record and update stock using barcode codes

Sales Integration Product data can be accessed directly when creating transaction documents

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Product bundling

Create attractive product packages to increase profit opportunities

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Access control

Ensure rights for creation, editing, and viewing according to applicable regulations in your company


What is product management feature of SCM?

This feature is a component of Mekari Jurnal and is part of the SCM functionality designed to handle and manage complex product data and its details.

  1. Centralization of product data
  2. Manage complex of product variation
  3. Barcode data supported
  4. Easy data recording process
  5. Create more product variation by bundle feature
  6. Manageable Access control

Product management in SCM optimizes inventory levels, enhances forecast accuracy, streamlines lifecycle management, improves supplier collaboration, increases customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and enables agility.

Absolutely! SCM product management and accounting software integrate to streamline financial processes, enabling accurate reporting and informed decision-making. Make the business even easier and efficient.

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