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User Management

Improve data security with flexible access management

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Customize the permissions of each employee to access Mekari Jurnal according to your organizational structure

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Why do businesses use User Management Mekari Jurnal

complete and full features dashboard

Manage flexibly

You can create roles that delve down to the menu or specific actions level in accessing Mekari Jurnal

instant reporting process

Better data security

Set limitations to prevent unauthorized users from accessing or altering data

strategy and scheduling

Tailored organizational structure

Custom roles that align with the respective authorizations of each employee

Optimize business and employee operations

Prevent fraud by limiting the ability to create, edit, delete

  • Prevent fraud by limiting the ability to create, edit, and delete.
  • Manage flexibly with restrictions on the ability to create, edit, and delete.
  • Set roles that can only perform create/edit/delete actions. Limit actions to specific features only.s.

Prevent data leaks by specifying data access capabilities for specific roles

  • Manage access capabilities according to levels within the company
  • The multi-currency feature in Jurnal is integrated with Bank Indonesia, Pajak, and Fixer.
  • Restrict access to specific sets of data.

Ensure that each user performs activities in accordance with their permissions

  • All activities of each user are digitally recorded.
  • Activity history is easily traceable.

Various features for user access management convenience

Access segregation

Separate access and custom CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) for each user

data subtract

Custom role

Restrict access to sensitive data or unauthorized areas.

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Predefined role

Define actions according to the company’s granted permissions


Audit log

Monitor the activities of each user with an audit log.

clipboard tick

Set access time

Assign limited access time for each user.

Activate/Deactivate user

Enable and disable access as needed through user details


“We now have accountable, clear, detailed, and organized financial management with the help of Jurnal. We can also monitor business progress in real-time, and daily transaction and expense recording are fully automated.”

Ary Budiman
CEO & Founder Rock Nation


What is the user management feature in Mekari Jurnal?

The Mekari Jurnal user management feature allows you to create custom employee roles tailored to your needs. With custom roles, you can limit user access to specific menus and define the activities they can perform within the Jurnal application based on their job and responsibilities

Only account owners (Owner), Ultimate users, and Admins can create custom roles. You can create custom roles by specifying access permissions such as Create, Read, Edit, and Delete for specific menus like Cash & Bank, Products & Warehouse, Sales, and Purchases. For more detailed information, please refer to guidebook

Yes, you have full flexibility to delete or edit custom roles that you have created in Mekari Jurnal. If you feel the need to modify access permissions or remove a custom role that is no longer needed, you can do so at any time as per your requirements.

The main difference between custom roles and pre-defined roles is that custom roles allow companies to create roles tailored to their business needs, while pre-defined roles are default roles already present in Mekari Jurnal with predefined limited access permissions.

Custom roles are crucial because they enable companies to be more flexible in managing access rights and responsibilities of employees according to their unique needs.

If there is a conflict between the access permissions granted by Custom Role and Pre-Defined Roles (default roles), then Custom Role will have higher strength or take precedence.

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