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Warehouse Management

Monitor activities and manage various warehouses from one online dashboard

warehouse management

With centralized visibility, you and your team can be informed about the available stock in each warehouse and take further actions efficiently

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Why do businesses use Mekari Jurnal warehouse management?

performance management

Monitor warehouse online

Monitor stock availability and item transfer status in each warehouse easily

fulfillment gudang

Record detailed item placement

Input warehouse locations along with shelf locations for ease of item retrieval

manajemen data inventory

Seamless team collaboration

Directly check available stock via online dashboard, no more manual follow-ups

Manage warehouse operations from one online dashboard

Optimal inventory allocation with comprehensive and real-time storage information management

  • Manage multiple warehouses from one online dashboard for easy monitoring of available stock
  • Manage information on rows, racks, and bins for ease of stock allocation and item retrieval
  • Integrated fulfillment for recording incoming items along with detailed storage location information
tampilan manajemen stok barang di gudang

Monitor stock movement and adjustment activities from each warehouse online

  • Transfer stock from one warehouse to another through the warehouse transfer feature
  • Record incoming/outgoing items and stock adjustments with stock adjustment
  • Get information on available stock and stock ready for sale through integration with Fulfillment outbound
manajemen tampilan data stok barang di gudang

Features of warehouse management for optimal business operations

multi gudang

Multi warehouse

Monitor activities of each warehouse from one dashboard

lokasi baris rak penyimpanan

Row, rack, bin

Provide detailed storage location for ease of item retrieval

alur perpindahan barang yang terpantau

Warehouse transfer

Record inter-warehouse item transfers that automatically update available stock in warehouses

task check

Stock adjustment

Reset available stock in each warehouse based on incoming/outgoing items and recalculations



Stock segregration

Orders that have entered fulfillment will reduce the available stock in the warehouse

dashboard online

Online dashboard

Access the dashboard anytime to monitor all activities and information in the warehouse


What is warehouse management?

Warehouse management is the system to monitor and control the activities related to the management of a warehouse or distribution center including date recording, receiving, storing, picking, packing, and shipping goods efficiently and accurately.

Warehouse management software provide several benefits, including:

  1. Facilitating op-name stock activities as it can be done automatically with detailed and real-time information
  2. Helping in the easier management of pricing for each product recorded in the warehouse
  3. Assisting in automatically adjusting sudden changes in demand and supply to avoid excess or shortage of stock
  4. Reducing manual work for warehouse admins and helping eliminate the potential for errors due to human mistakes in record-keeping
  5. Improving service and customer satisfaction
  6. Reducing business costs

Not only the above benefits, but there are also various advantages provided by the Mekari warehouse system

  • Jurnal can accurately and flexibly track inventory in real-time.It can provide automatic reports from recorded warehouse inventory data for monthly and yearly business reports
  • It gives business owners control to manage multiple warehouses through a single application

There are three types of warehouse inventory applications:

  1. Web-based online warehouse applications: Accessible through computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets that can communicate with the internet. Gadgets typically run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS systems.
  2. Offline warehouse applications: Traditional systems usually operate without the internet and can only be used on computers (requires installation), often referred to as warehouse software or programs.
  3. Online mobile applications: Generally, not all applications can run through a browser; these mobile applications specifically run only on gadgets with the application installed.

The advantage of online warehouse inventory applications compared to offline is their ease of access and flexible monitoring.

Yes, Mekari Jurnal guarantee the security from loss or damage, and even data theft. This advantage is made possible by storing your business information securely on Jurnal servers, compared to storing it on your own drive.

With Jurnal, user data is always automatically backed up. This way, the security and continuity of business information are ensured with online services like Jurnal rather than using software that needs to be installed on a computer.

Jurnal company data and security systems are highly stringent, and consumer and user data in Jurnal are protected with features:

  • Jurnal is certified ISO 27001
  • Your data is stored using the AES-256 encryption method
  • Communication data is encrypted with SSL using a 2048-bit certificate
  • Registered with Fintech Indonesia
  • Registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia
  • Structured and organized access to administrative and employee data.

Get the warehouse inventory application features from Mekari Jurnal for a free trial and utilize its features to accelerate the development of your business.

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