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One stop access to business funding. One approval for multiple loans

No more dealing with tiring administrative process and offline bank procedure for loan application. Secure business loans fast and easily with Mekari Capital.

Mekari Jurnal

Mekari Capital Funds Simulation

The estimated installment amount will be shown after choosing the amount and period for the loan.

Admin fee4,148%
*Tax included
Installment per month17.621.229/month

If the nominal above matches your estimation, please contact our sales

More than just a business funding

Grow your business with the support from Indonesia's industries trusted partner

Business needs are often unexpected and require immediate attention. Ensure that your solution is easily accessible and does not require a lengthy application process.

Accessible funds for all your business needs

During the application process, you will be given a loan limit that you can access any time. Managing business financial health has never been this easy.

Instant disbursement for installments

  • One application for all time. No need to go through the application process again for future loans.
  • Real-time access and monitoring. Access loans outside of bank opening hours, and even on national holidays.
  • Integration with Mekari Pay. Loan disbursements will be immediately transferred to your Mekari Pay account.
  • Integrated with Mekari Jurnal. The transactions you make at Mekari Capital will automatically be recorded in Mekari Jurnal.
Mekari Jurnal

Take care of your business's financial well-being at all times

Hassle-free application process

Say goodbye to time-consuming bank application processes. Submit all direct loan requests online, from anywhere.

Instant disbursement for all funds

  • Complete the application process anywhere. There is no more need to visit the bank. Do it all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Submit documents online. Fill in and complete the required documents and upload them easily.
  • Built for speed. Weeks-long application is a thing of the past. Monitor loan status in real time.
Mekari Jurnal

Streamline the application process and save your time.

Reliable funds that you can trust

No more effort is needed to seek and provide specific collateral. Our analysts will determine the appropriate loan limit depending on your business’s financial position.

Quick and easy loan approvals.

  • Risk-free and reliable. You don't need to provide any collateral when applying for a loan.
  • Integrated with Mekari Journal. After taking into account the usual variables, your Mekari Journal transaction history will also be used for credit score analysis.
  • Faster processing. Using Mekari Jurnal's transaction history allows us to give approvals faster.
Mekari Jurnal

Get the business support that you can rely on

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