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Enhance operational efficiency with real-time internal order tracking

The warehouse team can prepare incoming and outgoing goods more efficiently, providing real-time status updates and integration with other features for smooth team collaboration

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Why do businesses use Mekari Jurnal's Fulfillment

performance management

"Deliver the best customer service by monitoring orders in real-time

The online dashboard for the sales team can access order statuses without the need for manual confirmation

fulfillment gudang

Seamless sales operations due to precise inventory data

Reserved stock since the order is processed prevents orders from being made without stock in the warehouse

manajemen data inventory

"Manage inventory efficiently and systematically recorded

Incoming and outgoing goods are systematically recorded for ease of procurement processes

Sales and purchases are more optimal with
the Fulfillment dashboard.

Smooth sales operations thanks to transparency in the warehouse picking process

The warehouse team can directly update order information on the online dashboard accessible to all teams, and stock reports will automatically decrease when orders are processed

  • Send sales orders directly to the fulfillment dashboard
  • Monitor order status via the online dashboard
  • Available documents ready for printing and download
Data Pemenuhan penjualan

More organized incoming goods preparation and systematic item tracking

The warehouse team can be informed about incoming goods earlier to plan their placement in the warehouse and report the receipt of goods through the online dashboard

  • Send purchase orders to the fulfillment dashboard
  • Systematic documentation of goods receipt
  • Automatic synchronization with stock data
Mekari Jurnal

Various features for operational ease in managing incoming and outgoing goods


Integration with sales/purchase orders

Send order documents directly to the dashboard for warehouse team notifications


Picking order dashboard

Easily track order status with a dashboard accessible anytime

Manajemen inventori optimal

Stock segregation

Orders in the processing stage will automatically reduce the available stock


Goods picking documents

Print documents for the warehouse team’s convenience in picking up goods

surat jalan

Waybill documents

Store and print waybills for confirmation when goods arrive

No learning curve

Delivery receipt documents

Store incoming goods data for easy product tracking

Yudi Tukiaty ~ Bardi

“The multi-warehouse feature makes it easier for BARDI to see clear movement of goods, such as how many products are in transit, shipped to customers, and the quantity of products in the current branch warehouse”

Yudi Tukiaty
Co-founder & Chief Partnership and Strategic Officer


What is the fulfillment feature?

The fulfillment feature help the process of completing customer orders by ensuring that products are delivered to the customer in a timely and efficient manner.

Recording and transparency in the fulfillment process are important for the ease of various functions within the company. For the warehouse team, fulfillment will facilitate tracking of incoming goods and provide information to the sales team regarding the picking process.

Fulfillment allows for real-time updates of available stock. Previously, stock reduction was based on sales delivery documents. With fulfillment, stock will automatically decrease when orders are processed in the warehouse. This enables the sales team to create new sales orders without worrying about stock availability in the warehouse.

Yes, Mekari Jurnal provides specific roles for warehouse employees who can access features related to the warehouse. If you need more customized settings, you can use custom roles.

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