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Create financial reports within minutes

No need to spend time longer to create financial reports. Get the data and make business decision based on integrated reports

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Mekari Jurnal

Manual bookkeeping doesn't show the latest business condition

Manual bookkeeping has a higher risk of human error. Inaccurate bookkeeping also makes it difficult for the owner to oversee the latest condition


A long process is needed to create a financial report

Creating a manual financial report requires high effort and a long time

Get a monthly report faster

Find impactful weekly or monthly business insight instantly. Integrated and real-time data

Mekari Jurnal

Get data instantly within minutes

Measure business success throughout the period of time fast with Business & Financial Report. No need to wait for long report creation.

    • Instant report
    • Convert to csv, excel and pdf easily
Mekari Jurnal

Prepare bookkeeping data easily

Do bookkeeping twice faster than usual. Use Accounting feature to ease the end of month bookkeeping

    • Equipped with sales and purchase modules
    • Import transaction for easy data input

“With a real-time and up-to-date financial report, I can find out the latest financial condition, because everything is accessible in Mekari Jurnal dashboard. Every report is available on one platform, and can be accessed by people from other divisions as well.”

Glorio YuliantoCo-founder & CEO Ubiklan

Measure your business success from Mekari Jurnal's reports

Find out your whole business profitability periodically. With real-time and integrated data on one dashboard


Inaccurate bookkeeping due to manual calculation

Miscalculation often happen in manual bookkeeping due to human error

Manage monthly purchases and expenses thoroughly

Monitor operational costs for every project so it doesn’t go over budget. Get real-time expenses data

Mekari Jurnal

Control the complete budget for every project

Record, track and manage cost and tech expenses easily with the Expense feature. No more unknown costs.

    • Controlled operational cost with monthly comparison
    • Set the budget for the next few months automatically
Mekari Jurnal

More accurate bookkeeping with group transactions

Group the transaction based on categories such as project, branch, or others. Manage it based on your needs using a tagging feature.

    • Get a group transaction reports
    • Control and monitor the transaction’s status
Mekari Jurnal

Eliminate the risk of miscalculation with automated calculation

Input the data and get automated bookkeeping without having to do manual calculation through the Accounting feature.

    • Based on Indonesia’s accounting standard
    • Automatic calculation and update for each transaction
    • Add digital document for archive and data validation

“Monitoring purchase and expenses data are easier through Mekari Jurnal, Travelio can see the chart of accounts and banks with the total amount of balance from the holding accounts. Business development becomes more controlled and well measured.”

Christina SuriadjajaCo-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Travelio

Monitor your expenses more accurate with Mekari Jurnal

With automated calculation for every transaction, the calculation becomes more accurate. Use the tagging feature to mark certain project


Profitability is not transparent due to unintegrated data

Management is having difficulty overseeing sales trend due to manual bookkeeping

Learn every project's profitability with ease

Get the ability to monitor your whole business thoroughly with integrated data

Mekari Jurnal

Monitor your business completely

Enjoy the ease of overseeing the whole business process with standardized bookkeeping in every branch. Get consolidated reports instantly

    • Transactions are more controlled & accurate
    • Standardized and integrated bookkeeping
Mekari Jurnal

Get high impact business insight instantly

Learn the sales trend with Business Performance Dashboard. Find out which is the best-selling product throughout the period.

        • Easy to understand business overview
        • Customized dashboard design based on your needs
        • Access to 30+ financial reports template instantly

“Executive Director and Regional Leader from Travelio can monitor the business real-time without having to request a financial report or cash flow report first. This gives Travelio a space to move more agile and focus on developing our business.”

Christina SuriadjajaCo-founder & Chief Strategy Officer Travelio

Create a business innovation in tech through Mekari Jurnal

Make the right business decision supported by accurate real-time data

We recommend the following package and add-ons
for the technology industry


Packages that are suitable for businesses with multi-warehousing, multi-currency and API integration needs

Advanced Invoice
start fromRp 150.000per month

Set the most profitable payment scheme for your business

Profitability Report
start fromRp 150.000per month

Learn the contribution of every product to business’s profit in general

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What is the Technology Industry?

The technology industry is a business field that deals with technological products such as the internet, telecommunications, software and hardware, semi-conductors, e-commerce and computer-based services or other devices.

Examples of technology-based companies are Mekari, Jurnal by Mekari, Talenta by Mekari, KlikPajak by Mekari.

The fast-paced and modern technology industry requires a system that is also up-to-date to help technology-based companies complete all work related to accounting, bookkeeping, financial reports, inventory of goods more accurately, safely, quickly, automatically and more organized.

Software that is integrated with other components in a technology company will make it easier for businesses to run more structured. In addition, software that can be accessed anytime and anywhere is the right answer to help technology businesses grow.

Mekari Jurnal provides a free trial service for you to use, and furthermore, the cheapest price for the Jurnal is at Rp199,000see all the packages suitable for technology companies.

Jurnal by Mekari is a multi-functional accounting software that has been trusted by many companies, including technology-based companies. To find out more, see on the home page what are the main benefits of Mekari Jurnal.

For those of you who want to try the Mekari Jurnal application for free for 14 days, you can register here.

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