Security guarantee for protected data management

Mekari Jurnal

Data security in terms of protection, as well as accessibility, is a critical component of Mekari Jurnal to realize scalability and agility for your business

Trusted by 35,000+ businesses from various industries in Indonesia

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  • Mekari Jurnal is developed with
    a safe and easy-to-manage infrastructure

    Robust architecture

    • Designed with a microservices architecture to allow individual components to scale up and make for a performance-efficient platform.
    • Network architecture located in Alibaba cloud environment ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your business financial report data.
    • Multi-access and multi-location capabilities for ease of access from multiple locations and devices to provide more flexibility and convenience.
    Mekari Jurnal

    System and data security

    • Standardized encryption for data in repositioning and in transit to ensure 24/7 protection of financial records, bookkeeping, and business operations
    • Automatic improper access identification and mitigation to provide an additional layer of protection for business data from cyber threats.
    • Logical separation for each customer’s data using a separate web container to ensure that business data remains confidential and secure
    • Data masking and encryption keysfor every customer in your business operations to keep everything safe and confidential
    Mekari Jurnal

    Risk management

    • Comprehensive protection against threats and vulnerabilities keeps your work, data, applications, and cloud access protected
    • Device monitoring and remote troubleshooting help keep your financial statement data always secure and accessible
    • Data backup at specific points in time provides an added layer of protection against data loss or corruption
    • Internal threat detection such as for inappropriate user behaviors to prevent them from doing unwanted things to accounting data
    Mekari Jurnal


    Reliable support is an integral part of our software development cycle

    Mekari Jurnal

    A globally recognized, standards-based approach to security that outlines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS)

    Mekari Jurnal

    Quality management system for organizations that consistently provide products & services that meet customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements

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