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Financial reporting software for growing business

With Jurnal’s business financial reporting software, business financial reports and statements are available in real-time, ensuring straightforward and accurate financial data for companies.

Business performance dashboard

Business performance dashboard

Stay in control of your business and get complete overview of business performance in real time and accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Instant and real time financial summary
  • Accessible on any mobile device
  • Customizable view
Financial reports

Financial reports

Measure business success on certain period of time with easy-to-understand, comprehensive and sharper reports.

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Accurate reports, ready in seconds
  • Export to other formarts easily (excel, pdf, etc)
  • Tag to filter or group transactions
  • Adjust access as needed

What is financial reporting software?

Financial reporting software is designed to help users with their financial and accounting tasks. From simple bookkeeping and check writing systems to advanced double-entry accounting, this type of software offers a wide variety of possibilities.

Businesses can also automate the collection of financial data and track trends more precisely with financial reporting software. Having a financial report gives business owners greater visibility and insight into their business.

Here are three ways financial reporting can help your business.

  1. Improved decision making. Financial statements are useful tools for making decisions. In summary, they are indicators of business trends and tendencies that show how a company is collecting revenue and paying its creditors. The reports will also reveal any irregularities that may hinder the cash flow for your business.
  2. The ability to obtain credit when needed. Almost every business will require credit at some point, whether as a growth strategy or to stay afloat. A credit card, a business loan, or a vendor’s credit line may be included. Lenders will need some type of guarantee that their money will be returned within a certain timeframe. To secure such a guarantee, the lender will want to examine the business’ credit report and balance sheet. A balance sheet will provide an accurate picture of how much the business owns, along with the present state of the business’ cash flow. It would be beneficial for your company to request an internal accounts payable report that will help you identify any outstanding bills while boosting your credit rating.
  3. Stay compliant. Tax returns must be filed on time with federal, state, and local agencies. Financial statements are the only way to prepare your company for this.

A financial report is a summary of an organization’s financial performance that is released to its stakeholders and the public. If an organization is publicly held, the investor relations officer may assist the controller in reporting. Typical financial reporting documents and postings include the following:

  • Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Footnote disclosures that provide more detail on specific topics as specified by the relevant accounting framework
  • Information posted on the company’s website that pertains to its financials
  • All annual reports distributed to investors Securities prospectuses provided to potential investors

A financial statement is a formal record of a person’s or company’s financial activities and position at a specific time.

Written financial statements provide information about a company’s financial performance and business activities. In many cases, tax authorities, accountants, firms, etc. audit financial statements to ensure completion and to assess tax, financing, and investment implications.

A financial statement consists of four components. Here they are:

  1. Balance sheets: Accounting balance sheets show a company’s assets and liabilities at any given time.
  2. Income statements: A company’s income statements show how much profit it made and how much it spent during a given period.
  3. Cash flow statements: Cash flow statements show how the money exchanges between the inside and outside of an organization over time.
  4. Statements of shareholders’ equity: The shareholders’ equity statement illustrates the changing interests of the company’s shareholders over time.

Jurnal’s finance software price can be adjusted to meet your business needs. You can purchase the Jurnal’s software package for only Rp. 199,000 per month.

See the most complete price package on the following pricing page.

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