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Make the right business decision based on financial report software

Get high-impact insight in real-time about your business performance. Take decisions more accurate with the financial reporting program

20.000++ top companies are using Mekari Jurnal

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Eliminate uncertainties in business

The major factor in business is taking the right decision. A decision needs to be supported with fast and accurate data

Use reliable reports for every business decision

    • Direct synchronization with bookkeeping data made it possible for real-time monitoring.
    • International standard of safety with ISO 27001 for peace of mind so business owner doesn’t need to worry.
    • Get reports in any format anywhere anytime without having to wait at the end of the month or go to the office.

No reliable source of truth for decision making

    • Data is not reliable for it’s not updated and real-time.
    • Safety is not guaranteed for there is a risk of data leak and misused.
    • Manual reporting has limitations because it has to be collected physically from the office.
Glorio Yulianto

“With real-time and reports that is always up to date, I am able to oversee the latest financial condition, because everything is accessible in Mekari Jurnal dahsboard. Every reports available on one platform, and can be accessed by any team member that needed the data”

Glorio YuliantoCo-founder & CEO Ubiklan

Take the right business decision using Mekari Jurnal

Eliminate the time to make financial reports up to 50%

Mekari Jurnal has an automatic calculation system so the user doesn’t need to do a manual calculation using a formula

Input data without error within minutes

    • Check historical data easier with features such as filter or group tag transactions.
    • Direct synchronization with bookkeeping for a faster and practical data recapitulation.
    • Faster data tracking for all documents is centralized on one system.

Manual reports took weeks to create

    • Need time to find the specific data if the file is stored offline.
    • Manual reconciliation is needed to get the latest information on every business’s bank accounts.
    • Document tracking needs high effort due to manual data safekeeping.
Michael Chrisyanto

“Eatlah doesn’t need to spend 1-2 workdays to create financial reports manually, because it can be done automatically from the program.”

Michael ChrisyantoCo-founder EATLAH

Get financial reports instantly with Mekari Jurnal

Monitor business performance with ease

Precise and easy to understand data visualization is one of the keys to understanding financial information

Read reports without confusion

    • Completed with visual graphics to make it easier for business owners to read reports.
    • Compare performance per period with ease using filter feature for monthly to yearly comparison.
    • Strategic level data for business so the business owner can monitor the condition on a single glance.

Extra focus is needed to minimize miscalculation

    • Financial data can be forged by changing the numbers on reports.
    • Need further processing through manual recapitulation to create a consolidated report.
    • Special skills are needed to create complete bookkeeping from the general journal to financial reports.
Wanda Zafirah

“Before we use Mekari Jurnal, we need at least two weeks to collect the data. After we use the system, we are able to know the data real-time and faster. So we won’t be late to create next month strategy or plan.”

Wanda ZafirahFinance Accounting Supervisor Gamal Men

Learn impactful business insight with Mekari Jurnal

We grow with several industries in Indonesia

Mekari Jurnal keep making innovation that makes it possible for us to fulfill every business need in each industry

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Relish various benefits from reliable features

Enjoy the ease in learning business insight from financial reports with Mekari Jurnal

Business performance dashboard

Monitor your business performance anywhere
    • Access from any mobile device
    • Based on the latest financial data
    • Updated automatically real-time
    • Adjustable report dashboard

Complete template reports

Easy to use reports for every business needs
    • 30+ financial reports templates
    • Intuitive and easy-to-understand templates
    • Instant report creation
    • Adjustable reports period
    • Manage access for reports

What is financial reporting software?

A financial reporting software is a program that is made to manage finance for businesses and companies, including cash flow reports, financial reports, balance sheets, profit, and loss statements, and the capital statement.

A web-based financial report software such as Mekari Jurnal is specifically used to manage finance in the business to become faster, more efficient, and accurate.

With financial report software, you can save time, avoid miscalculation and the calculation and report creation will be safer, faster, and easier.

There are also cash flow reports for the business. Mekari Jurnal financial report is available on Android or iOS (for smartphone, or tablet)

A financial report is a financial note from a business or company in a certain period of time that can be used to measure the company’s performance.

With a financial report program, you can make financial reports automatically, more efficient, and more accurate.

There are several types of financial reports such as profit and loss report, capital statement report, balance sheet, cash flow report, and the notes of financial report.

You can find all the types of financial reports above in financial report software such as Mekari Jurnal

You can download and get the trial version to try all Jurnal’s features. You can download Jurnal’s free trial version on this page.

The pricing of Mekari’s Jurnal, financial report software, can be chosen based on your needs. You can choose Mekari’s Jurnal software subscription starting from 359k/month. Please visit this pricing page for further information.

These are the 9 lists of the best financial report software in Indonesia:

1.) Mekari Jurnal

One of the best financial report programs that can help businesses to optimize their growth is Mekari Jurnal. This is because Mekari Jurnal has a lot of features that can be beneficial for accurate, effective, and efficient reporting. Therefore it can help the finance team to work optimally. Another benefit from Mekari Jurnal is it’s using cloud technology which enables users to access it on any device anytime and anywhere. Financial reports that are created by this software are also simple yet comprehensive, making them easy to understand to anyone who accesses and reads it.


2.) Zipbooks

Another financial report software that is interesting to use is ZipBooks. This app is based in the United States of America in Utah. With this app, users can get a detailed and accurate financial report anytime anywhere. Besides, this app is available on several platforms such as android or iOS. therefore choosing ZipBooks can be helpful for the finance team in creating a business report.


3.) FreshBooks

Another software that can help to create an effective and efficient financial report is FreshBooks. This app is trusted by users and is suitable for small to medium businesses. With this app, financial report creation can be done automatically and faster.


4.) Ace Money

If you are looking for financial software that supports smaller businesses, then Ace Money is one of the software that is worth trying. With a simpler system and easy-to-understand app, anyone can use Ace Money for their business reports. This software has the basic needs to create a complete and comprehensive financial report. Therefore, business owners can do daily monitoring accurately and faster based on the business condition.


5.) Wave

The next financial report program that is interesting and has a lot of users is Wave Accounting. This software has an attractive user interface and is easy to digest to anyone who accesses it. No need to worry if you are a first-time user, you can see the business financial trend in real-time. Not only that, but Wave also has multi-currency features, therefore it’s suitable to use for a global or multinational company in the world.


6.) Intacct

If you are looking for a financial report program that operates in many countries, then you might have to consider Intacct. As one of the trusted software in a financial report, this app is already reached over five areas in the world. Such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Because of the cloud-based technology, Intacct can be used anywhere. Managing invoices and record payments is easier and faster because of Intacct.


7.) Gnucash

Probably most of you don’t know, but if you are looking for one of the best financial report software in Indonesia, therefore you might consider Gnucash. This app is relying on its double input system and can be used in chosen devices. It’s compatible with OSK, Linux, Mac, or Windows. This app can be used in many countries.


8.) QuickBooks

One of the most well-known financial report software that is used by a lot of companies in the world is QuickBook. QuickBook has several reliable features. Finance reports can be made faster and more accurately in several types of different financial reports.


9.) Xero

The next financial report software that you can try is Xero. This software can hold all information from income and expenses accurately. Therefore the reporting can be done effectively and efficiently. Not only that, but Xero also offers a free trial for the users to try. Therefore, users can know whether this software manages to exceed their expectations or not.


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