Tax Management

Manage taxes easier with tax management software

Not only easier accounting work, Jurnal helps you with managing tax journals. Calculate taxes automatically according to tax regulations in Indonesia for faster daily work with less human errors.

Tax report

Tax report

No more calculating taxes manually on each of your sales and transaction activities. Jurnal helps you to auto calculate tax.

  • Automatic tax deduction calculations and reports
  • Automatic sales tax calculation and reporting
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Tax Automation with Klikpajak

Tax Automation with Klikpajak

Integrate Jurnal with Klikpajak to facilitate various tax needs from creating to managing tax reports automatically

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what is tax management software?

A tax management software is a program or software that helps taxpayers manage or manage taxes such as VAT, Employee Tax (PPh21), and Final Income Tax to make it easier, safer, and in compliance with current tax regulations.

The online tax management features of this Journal have also been integrated with the official DJP partner, Klikpajak.

Taxes are mandatory contributions from the people to the state, and they must be paid according to the regulations.

National development and other state expenditures for the welfare of the people will be financed by taxes.

Directed General of Taxes (DJP) has introduced features for online tax service solutions including DJP online and the following applications:

  • e-Registration: This will be used to manage the online registration of taxpayers.
  • e-Filling: A number of notification letters (SPT) can be reported online. Using the Jurnal that has been integrated with Klikpajak, this can be accomplished easily.
  • e-SPT: An application that can be used by taxpayers in making electronic tax returns (SPT) forms more efficiently.
  • e-Billing: Payments can be made using the provided billing code through the application
  • e-Faktur: It is an application feature designed for creating tax invoices electronically, reducing the misuse of fictitious tax invoices.
  • e-Bupot: Proof of withholding Income Tax (PPh Pasal 23/26). With the Jurnal application that is integrated with e-Bupot Klikpajak, the process will become more efficient and will be automated.

The tax process becomes easier, faster, and more accurate. Reports on withholding tax, sales tax, and VAT taxes are the main tax features in the Jurnal software.

The four tax functions are:


  • The function of the budget (budgeting): It provides public services in order to carry out national development.
  • Regulating function: The purpose of economic policy is to reflect the country’s economic goals
  • Stability function: Balance the economy by overcoming inflation and deflation.
  • The function of income redistribution: To create jobs so that everyone has an equal income.

Jurnal offers a trial version of the app for Android and iOS, and you can check it here.

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