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Tax Management

Automate tax calculations in every transaction

pajak (tax) calculation by software automation

Create and customize various types of taxes in every transaction for automatic calculation and recording

Trusted by 35,000+ businesses in Southeast Asia

Why do businesses use Mekari Jurnal Tax Management

budget allocation

Automatic transaction tax calculation

Faster transactions with automatic tax calculation based on the selected tax types

instant reporting process

Automatic tax recording

Every transaction listed with tax is automatically recorded in tax reports in Mekari Jurnal

management process

Automatic tax reporting

Automation of tax payment, reconciliation, and reporting through integration with Klikpajak

Tax control in every transaction

Seamless transactions with automatic transaction tax calculation and recording

  • Determine tax types for each sales and purchase transaction
  • Automatic tax value results appear according to the selected tax typeexpense report.
  • Automate recording with direct access to tax reports

Automation of payment, reconciliation, and tax reporting through Mekari Klikpajak integration

  • Import Mekari Jurnal transaction data directly into Mekari Klikpajak
  • Create official DJP Billing IDs and pay taxes with Virtual Account (VA) or direct bank transfer in one application
  • Simply import CSV or integrate API transaction data, reconciliation is completed automaticallytagging feature
  • Generate SPT reports directly from approved tax invoices/withholding receipts
Mekari Jurnal

Relish various benefits from reliable features

pertukaran mata uang

Apply to various activities

Apply taxes to sales transactions, purchases, expenses, and product creation

sinkron mata uang

Klikpajak integration

Automate tax invoice input and reconciliation through Klikpajak integration (Tax Application)

pelaporan akurat mata uang

Tax reports

Instantly get lists of withholding tax and sales tax reports

data subtract

Tax report filtering

View tax reports based on dates, periods, and tax types


Export reports

Send reports in PDF, CSV, XLS files to relevant teams

“I chose Jurnal because it doesn’t require installation and can be used anywhere. Moreover, Jurnal is integrated with taxation, making it easier to create company tax reports.”

Owner of Wijaya Musik Indonesia


What is tax management software?

Tax management software is a system created to manage and automate various tax-related processes for individuals and businesses and it helps users manage their tax efficiently by providing tools for tax preparation, filing, compliance, and reporting.

Taxation is a compulsory financial contribution made by citizens to the state, mandated by existing regulations. These funds are allocated towards national development and various state expenditures aimed at enhancing public welfare.

Adherence to tax obligations plays a pivotal role in fostering a nation’s advancement, ultimately yielding benefits for the taxpayers themselves.

However, a significant number of taxpayers fail to comply with government regulations due to insufficient education and self-awareness. In addition to challenges in tax calculation and management, the government’s involvement in tax education is vital for bolstering tax compliance and revenue collection.

Tax management is an important part of business and financial activities. Here are several reasons why a tax feature is needed in accounting applications, such as in Mekari Jurnal:

1. Invoice creation
The tax feature in Mekari Jurnal helps in easier tax management by implementing taxes on every invoice transaction you create.

2. Automatic calculation
Previously, businesses needed to manually calculate taxes for each transaction, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. With Mekari Jurnal, you simply input the necessary tax types for each transaction, from sales, purchases, expenses, to product creation, and the calculation will automatically appear.

3. Tax reports
You can directly access tax reports for every transaction you make in Mekari Jurnal automatically, making it easier for tax invoices preparation.

Mekari Jurnal is an accounting application for easy management of recording, bookkeeping, and financial reporting.

On the other hand, Mekari Klikpajak is a tax application for managing all tax administration such as E-invoice, unified E-tax slip, E-billing, and E-filing.

Financial and taxation aspects are interconnected in managing companies and businesses. There are benefits you can gain by integrating both:

1. Manage within one application
Mekari Klikpajak can be directly accessed within Mekari Jurnal, available in the same application.

2. Tax invoice generation
Utilize the tax report in Mekari Jurnal for automatic tax invoice generation.

3. Automatic reconciliation
Simply select Mekari Jurnal data source in the reconciliation feature of Mekari Klikpajak, and reconciliation will be done automatically.

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