Start your daily accounting work with practical solutions

A comprehensive solution to finish your daily accounting work. It is straightforward and more effective for running your business in a maximum way.

Start your daily accounting work with practical solutions

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Why Choose Starter Package

Practical with complete tools that are easy to use to finish daily financial work. Also, get the benefit of managing your daily expenses effortlessly.

Simple accurate features

Get a better and more accurate accounting report with many simple and multi-purpose features that can record detailed data.

Accurate Business Insight

Get a transparent business insight in a financial data that recorded in detail and accurate

Connected to the Bank

Transaction updated with Bank data and automatic bookkeeping that allow to access real-time

What you can get in Jurnal Starter

Get accurate business insight to grow your business, also get the access to all features that included in package Starter.

  • Bookkeeping

    Manage data and financial effortlessly with automatic, accurate, and organized bookkeeping

    • CoA, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Journal Entries
    • Digital transaction attachment
    • Arrange bud geting & cost monitoring
  • Sales & Purchase Modul

    Be more efficient with a detailed and in-depth of sales & purchase activities reporting.

    • Simple and detailed reporting process
    • Purchase & sales status updates based on order quotes, deliveries and invoices
    • Track payment transactions & import transactions
  • Complete Business & Financial Reports

    Analyze and find out your business performance through sharp and reliable reports

    • Get more than 10 automatic template reports
    • Get instant report in a second
    • Customize reports in other formats
  • Cash & Bank

    Compliance transactions with bank records through an advance automated system.

    • Display cash position in real time
    • Track & record transfers, receive & send money
    • Automatically synchronized with Bank

Simplified Features in Starter Package

One accounting software for every solution of many business needs that can be access anywhere and anytime

  • Free up to 1 users
  • Integration access to various applications
  • Business Performance Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Financial Reports
  • Cash & Bank
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Online Payment with Jurnal Pay
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Online Invoice

Type of business that suitable for Pro Package

Suitable for businesses such as:

  • Services, distribution, F&B, retail & startup businessesServices, distribution, F&B, retail & startup businesses
  • Small & growing companySmall & growing company
  • A company that begins to has an operational division or open a branch recently.A company that begins to has an operational division or open a branch recently.

Operational business type:

  • Companies with finances are handled directly by the business owner or adminCompanies with finances are handled directly by the business owner or admin
  • Have accounting needs from stock managing to assets & depreciationHave accounting needs from stock managing to assets & depreciation
  • Have a detailed business report needs based on project, branch, salesHave a detailed business report needs based on project, branch, sales

More Questions?

Read complete questions and answers about Jurnal usage and solutions

Starter is a specially designed subscription package for businesses that are just started and need a simple basic solution that will resolve all their needs on business processes nowadays. Bookkeeping automation from Jurnal Starter Package helps small businesses to get a good quality accounting without the need for many specific operators/staff.

You can subscribe Jurnal by accessing the pricing page and selecting package that suits your business needs. Register for new account and contact our sales team by phone (021) 5050 1500 or email You can also access our live chat to get information regarding how to subscribe Jurnal.

The price already includes the VAT.

Yes, as one of our support to customers, we provides training on how to use Jurnal app on a several times face-to-face meetings according to your promo and subscription package.

You can add or remove database user/access anytime you need it. There will be an additional fee for every excess user within your subscription package. Contact our customer’s support that will assist the user in addition to your account.

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