Step up business potential with advanced features in Enterprise

Get accounting done faster with automation system. Get in-depth summary of business overview to analyze immediately for perfect business strategy.

Step up business potential with advanced features in Enterprise

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Why Enterprise

Increase efficiency and optimize your time to complete accounting work with integrated and real time platform. Easily monitor performance progress of your business any time.

Set more precise business strategy

Monitor your financial & product sales performance and develop business strategy with detailed sales reports for each product.

Ensure budget efficient

More controlled & integrated budget allocation with expense reports and business bookkeeping of each period.

Efficiently manage stocks

Easily manage warehouse & products, centralized & monitored stock management even for warehouses in multiple locations.

What you will get in Jurnal Enterprise?

Get accurate business insight to grow your business, also get the access to all features that included in package Pro and Starter.

  • Full cycle business process

    An end to end financial process from accounting data recording process, managing budgets, and costs to detailed and accurate financial reports.

    • Offering, ordering, shipping, and billing
    • Payments, returns, credit memos
  • Multi Location Warehouse

    Maintain productivity by monitoring the availability of your stock from various warehouses at once without having to check one by one. You can also monitor the movement of your inventory in real-time

    • Warehouse transfer
    • Tracking your stock in a specific warehouse instantly
    • Report the stock value and quantity in the warehouse
  • Comperhensive Budgeting Features

    More smartly to organize and manage your budget and make sure all your business expenses are efficient.

    • Well monitored and controlled operational costs
    • Automatically sets the budget for a few months forwards
    • Take control of business expenses in a simple way
    • Automatically track unpaid expenses
  • Product Bundling

    Create compelling bundled or manufactured products for your customers in an easy way

    • Product Combination
    • List of Raw Materials
    • Conversion Process

Comprehensive Features in Enterprise

One accounting software for every solution of many business needs. Also, get access to all the features in the Pro & Starter package.

  • Free up to 5 users
  • Integration access to various applications
  • Business Performance Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Financial Reports
  • Cash & Bank
  • Automatic Fixed Asset Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Online Payment with Jurnal Pay
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Online Invoice
  • Budget & Expense
  • Automatic Tax Report
  • Mobile App

Type of business that suitable for Enterprise Package

Suitable for businesses such as:

  • Manufacture business, wholesaler, F&B, retail and many moreManufacture business, wholesaler, F&B, retail and many more
  • Medium scale companyMedium scale company
  • Companies with many business lines, branches and warehousesCompanies with many business lines, branches and warehouses

Operational business type:

  • Companies that produce, manufacture or stock in multiple locationsCompanies that produce, manufacture or stock in multiple locations
  • A company that supervise all the accounting process from recording, budgeting to item returnsA company that supervise all the accounting process from recording, budgeting to item returns
  • Companies with business transactions & records involving foreign currenciesCompanies with business transactions & records involving foreign currencies

More Questions?

Read complete questions and answers about Jurnal usage and solutions.

Enterprise is Jurnal subscription package designed to meet the accounting operational needs of medium-sized businesses. Provides features that support complex processes and dynamic company needs.

You can subscribe to Jurnal by accessing the price page and choosing package that suits your business needs. Register for new account and contact our sales team by phone (021) 5050 1500 or email halojurnal@mekari.com. You can also access our live chat to get information regarding how to subscribe to Jurnal.

Services are provided free of charge by our support team (during office hours Monday – Friday 08.00 – 19.00) via chat support via the Journal Application. We also have proactive support (customer success) who will contact our clients to improve services and maximize on utilizing Jurnal.

We valued our customer’s trust that chooses us and understands how important is their business data. Therefore, Jurnal respectfully ensures that your data will be secure with a Bank-level security guarantee. To avoid data leaked by other unauthorized parties, we use AES-256 encryption. We also secure an internet connection with a 2056-bit SSL certificate.

The Enterprise + package provides a more comprehensive feature and experience for business operations such as Advanced Approval system, Proforma, and Invoice Merger, Multi-Product Pricing, also can be used with up to 10 users access in one company account.

What will happen if my free trial period on Jurnal is expired? Before your trial period expired, we will remind you to choose the package you’d like to use and guide you to make a payment so you can still use Jurnal service. If you are choosing not to continue using Jurnal, we will keep your data safe. We do this to make it easier if you want to continue using your account in the future and need to access the data that you have recorded.

The price already includes the VAT.

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