Non-metallic mining company PT Indobent 2x accelerated bank reconciliation with Mekari Jurnal

PT Indonesia Bentonite is one of the pioneering non-metallic companies in Indonesia which focuses on producing bentonite. After 35 years of operation, supported by a mine and factory in Pacitan which produces up to 7 tons of bentonite per production, PT Indonesia Bentonite is growing bigger as a supplier of bentonite to meet the needs of various industrial sectors in Indonesia, including for the construction of the MRT, the oil sector, to making fertilizer.


Manual handling for accounting management makes PT Indobent face difficulty to streamline its business processes.


Supported by various Mekari Jurnal features including balance sheet reports, profit and loss, cash flow, as well as bank reconciliation processes, PT Indobent has experienced increased efficiency and productivity for making the right decisions.


faster bank reconciliation


more efficient accounting management


Non-metallic mining

Company size

Medium enterprise


Jakarta, Pacitan

Number of outlets


As Indonesia’s pioneer in producing bentonite, PT Indonesia Bentonite or known familiarly as PT Indobent called for a suitable accounting solution to help manage their business process more efficiently. Migrating from the manual accounting process, PT Indobent started adopting Mekari Jurnal and has experienced significant improvement in business efficiency and team productivity.

Business challenges

Since its inception in 1985, PT Indobent has mostly used manual processes using spreadsheets to do its accounting. Along with its accelerating growth powered by a mine and factory in Pacitan producing up to 7 tons bentonite each time, PT Indobent decided to move away from the severely time-consuming process and look for a cloud-based accounting solutions that could help them make the finance team job much easier, faster, and more accurate.

Mekari as a solution

With its user-friendly interface, Mekari Jurnal posed to be the ideal accounting solution for PT Indobent. Mekari Jurnal’s extensive features of purchase, sales, and budget has helped Dicky Karamoy fulfill his responsibility as the CFO of PT Indobent. As part of the managerial, Dicky Karamoy viewed reporting features of balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow, also list of liabilities and accounts receivable to be very helpful to project income and business potentials. He also notes how the bank reconciliation process experienced a significant improvement in efficiency as well.

After PT Indobent’s adoption of Mekari Jurnal in 2020, the team underwent intensive product training guided by Mekari Jurnal’s customer support team as part of its after-sales service. Responsiveness of Mekari Jurnal’s team also ensured PT Indobent to better navigate the software whenever they encountered issues during the onboarding process. Through several live chats and offline meetings, PT Indobent finance team successfully implemented Mekari Jurnal as their accounting system. In addition, PT Indobent benefited a lot from joining Mekari Jurnal’s Community and attended its programs. They gained insights and experiences from businesses of other industries and their implementation of Mekari Jurnal, especially when other businesses faced challenges that might be similar to PT Indobent’s.

“Mekari Jurnal is user-friendly. It is also a solution that fulfills our company’s needs,” said Dicky Karamoy.


With the adoption of Mekari Jurnal in PT Indobent’s business processes, they have experienced notable increase in efficiency especially when compared to when they still did everything manually.

Mekari Jurnal allows 2x faster bank reconciliation process

The implementation of Mekari Jurnal has alleviated PT Indobent’s pain point of having to do bank reconciliation manually. Previously, they needed to spend the whole day doing bank reconciliation and needed at least 2 of their employees to do it. With Mekari Jurnal, they can do bank reconciliation much faster with just 1 employee. Overall, the process has become much more efficient and less time-consuming.

Mekari Jurnal supports PT Indobent to manage accounting 90% more efficiently

With Mekari Jurnal, PT Indobent can do their accounting efficiently, both in the context of time consumption and the human resource. This resulted in accounting management that has become 90% more efficient, more accurate, and faster. Additionally, the extensive features and the easy user interface also helps the finance team to adapt the software to do their day-to-day responsibilities. For instance, the option to download reports as PDF or Excel has extremely helped them to meet the management’s specific requests.

Dicky Karamoy said that he is a satisfied customer and gave “Mekari Jurnal a 4.5 rating out of 5,” as it has supported PT Indobent to do their business processes according to their needs.

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