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Optimize Outlet Management on Kopi Chuseyo with Accounting App

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Food and Beverage (F&B)



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Accounting Problems

Managing multiple outlets drives Kopi Chuseyo overwhelmed to monitor financial reports and business performance


Moving his office, in 2019 Daniel Hermansyah attempted to create a coffee shop business named “Kopi Chuseyo” at Scientia Park Gading Serpong. A lot of coffee shop business appears at that time, but Daniel will make his business different. He combined the Korean concept to his coffee shop, with his signature of Korean blend latte that made authentic South Korean coffee beans.

Product value is the main crucial core of the F&B industry. The quality and taste of the product itself is still the most important thing, no matter how the strategy that will be chosen by a business will be. But Daniel thinks it’s impossible to make people come by if there’s any special concept to his coffee shop, therefore he came up with Kopi Chuseyo as The Only K-Pop in the Nation. 

People that used to be unaware, now getting curious to try. And finally, they become addicted to Kopi Chuseyo. This is how Daniel grew his business until now he has 3 own outlets and 21 franchises in several cities in Indonesia.



With a lot of outlets spread in different locations, demands Daniel to find the proper way so each of the outlets can always be profitable. But, monitoring each outlet is essential, absolutely not an easy job. He has to make sure every outlet earning, profit, cost is required until the raw material has a different checklist every month.

Even an employee’s salary in every area is different. This troubled Daniel to adjust from the existing minimum wage because sometimes it’s too high or even too low. 

These things reduce the cash on hand of the business, even though the budget can be used for other purposes.

For example, when buying raw materials, in January the needs in Jakarta are higher than in Bandung. But in February the opposite applies. However, because the data that they have is not constantly updated, the only way is to give an equal amount to every outlet. 



To beat his challenges. Daniel believes that technology is the answer and will bring a lot of advantages to his business. Using Jurnal, each outlet’s earning data can always be accessed only by hand. Even now, accessing the outlet profit can be very easy, because for him comparing the earning and the cost of business is an important thing to do.

Employee’s payroll and monitor insignificant expenses from several outlets can also be monitored easily and recorded in Jurnal. 

Especially as a business that has a lot of outlets, every outlet’s condition can always be monitored easily in Jurnal real-time dashboard, anytime and anywhere. Daniel can now solve his business financial problem immediately. 

Not only that, but Jurnal can also integrate with many cashier app or Point of Sale. So items that sold last January, February, and so on can be tracked easily. 

The inventory management also helps to manage raw material and product quantity on each outlet always well monitored. No more running out of stock without notification or piling up in the next month. 



Jurnal really optimized Daniel on managing outlets of Kopi Chuseyo in several cities. Kopi Chuseyo can monitor their business performance in every outlet anywhere and anytime with a dashboard that automatically updates every 5 seconds. 

Jurnal’s Integration with the POS system makes the selling process 15x faster than the cash register system process. Payment method now expanding, with automatic stock management, faster and accurate reporting, and of course giving better service for their customers. 

Not only that, now the stock management of their warehouse can be handled faster and even finished by only in minutes. 

Jurnal supports Kopi Chuseyo to achieve its business target. Even at the end of 2020, Kopi Chuseyo is planning to have 50 outlets that spread all over Indonesia. This becomes Daniel’s dream to make his business grow and expand. 

From just an attempt, now it becomes an unmeasurable income. With the right accounting app, a business can always be accelerating. Manage outlets easily with Jurnal accounting app. It’s easy, fast, safe, and can be tried for free in 14 days.

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