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Inventory Management is the Key to Bardi Smarthome’s Continuous Growth

With a vision to revolutionize smart home in Indonesia, BARDI Smart Home is a solution for users who want to enjoy life with smart products.


Decentralized data makes it difficult for management to see the movement of goods and make business decisions. In addition, the data search process is also considered very long and time consuming.


Through the multi warehouse feature, BARDI Smarthome can see the movement of goods clearly. The ease of searching for data is also felt because the Mekari Jurnal business performance dashboard feature is user friendly and can be modified as needed.


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In this technological era, human life has undergone many changes in various sectors. The development of technological innovation that brings practicality is now not only changing the way people work and go to school, even domestic matters such as where to live. 

Recently, you’ve heard about the term of smart home, maybe you’ve also heard of smart products. Smart home seems to be a reflection of the future home with a technology base where users can manage and control their home automatically remotely by relying on a smartphone as the medium.

With the smart home system, home devices can be connected from the application and allow residents to control lighting, turn off lights and TV remotely, and check security cameras. Talking about smart home in Indonesia, of course you have heard about Bardi Smarthome.

Bardi Smarthome at a Glance

Bardi Smarthome as a company that not only sells smart home products, but also has applications that can be accessed on Android and iOS. Products from Bardi Smarthome can also function and be accessed with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, to SmartThings.

Bardi has three superior products Smart Bulb, IR Remote and IP Camera IDR. Sales of smart home products are starting to be popular with Indonesians. Now Bardi Smarthome has started to expand and has branches in several big cities in Indonesia. 


Challenges Experienced by Bardi Smarthome During Business

Based on the passion to grow and develop further, Bardi Smarthome has a vision to become the leader in Indonesia. Yudi Tukiaty, Co-founder & Chief Partnership and Strategic Officer of Bardi Smarthome, said that Bardi has a vision to revolutionize smart home in Indonesia. The goal is for Bardi users to enjoy life with smart products.

Armed with a vision to provide smart home products throughout Indonesia, Bardi has many branches and warehouses in major cities in Indonesia, one of the biggest challenges is that management must monitor stock and sales at each branch. Decentralized data makes it difficult for management to see the movement of goods and make business decisions. In addition, the data search process is also considered very long and time consuming.

Mekari Jurnal

Monitor the movement of your business stock with Mekari Jurnal

Monitor the movement of goods and stock in each branch with the Multi Warehouse feature from Mekari Jurnal.

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Bardi Smarthome Strategy and the Use of Mekari Jurnal

Being in a developing stage, Bardi certainly needs an automated business process. With the number of sales increasing every month, Bardi’s management began to feel the need for an integrated and more updated system.

“Before there was a Jurnal, Bardi Smarthome was still using manual systems such as Google Sheets. There are problems such as unmatched stock, unknown item position, sales overlap, overtracked purchases. Not up to date,” said Yudi Tukiaty, co-founder of Bardi Smarthome.

Bardi’s management feels the need for an online accounting system such as a Jurnal that can provide overall data, so that decision makers can make business decisions from accurate data.

The movement of goods, sales recap, management control is very important for businesses to monitor the state of the company. With the Mekari Jurnal, Bardi can monitor the movement of goods and stock in each branch.


The Benefits Bardi Smarthome Feels After Using Enterprise+

Problems regarding the stock and movement of goods in each branch that were previously difficult to monitor, can now be resolved with a Jurnal. With the multi warehouse feature, now Bardi can see the movement of goods clearly. How many products are in transit, sent to customers up to the number of products in the branch’s warehouse at the same time.

The Enterprise+ package is also an option for Bardi Smarthome in order to obtain accountability and accurate data to support decision making so that it continues to grow. The multi warehouse, product transfer and multi currency features are often used by the team to record imported goods data.

Yudi Tukiaty, co-founder of Bardi Smarthome, enjoys the convenience of having a report feature on the dashboard and accounting records such as sales and expenses that can be modified as needed. 

Jurnal’s user interface is very easy to use. For people like me who don’t have a background in financial accounting, the Jurnal allows me to view reports and data in eagle view. It is very much needed for people with strategic level and decision makers.

In addition, very clear accountability with the user management role feature is very helpful for management to view data accurately and up to date. Supported by the reconciliation feature and import bank statement so that there are no transactions that are not known to the accountant. The data search process which was initially very long if done manually, is now eliminated with the existence of Mekari Jurnal which has cloud technology so that data can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

“I am very happy with Mekari Jurnal, because the dashboard can be seen easily. Before there was a Jurnal system, there was no user management. After there is a Jurnal, each division has different access so that its accountability can be seen.” added Yudi Tukiaty, co-founder of Bardi Smarthome.


As the best online accounting software in Indonesia, Mekari Jurnal provides automation solutions in processing all transactions to produce financial reports that facilitate business and business development. Supported by cloud technology so you can access real-time data anytime anywhere.

Having trouble managing the stock of goods from various warehouses? Use the Mekari Jurnal online accounting software. You can develop your business further with Mekari Jurnal, this software can be tried for free for 14 days.


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