How Jurnal Helps Buttonscarves Formulated Business Development Strategies


As a lifestyle brand, Buttonscraves has many product portfolio of their scarfs and accessories. Since launching in 2016, now Buttonscraves successfully promoted their products to numerous countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

The owner and Creative Director of this Brand, Linda Anggrea, explained that Buttonscarves now cannot only rely on the online growth, but also expansion to open the nationwide offline stores. She also explained that to reach this expectation,  one of crucial points from business growth strategy is a good and transparent bookkeeping and accounting process.


Linda explained, that one of the challenge to new business like Buttonscarves is to organize a clear bookkeeping, accounting records, and profit and loss calculations. Not only that, all those financial reports that are made by the team should display a clear visibility to give a better overview and direction to growing the business. 

“One of the reasons why Buttonscarves can grow rapidly, is because I ensure that financial records can be done seamlessly and neatly,” said Linda. She also said that technical issues on the bookkeeping and accounting process are obstructing the business. Especially if working with manual processes. It is not just increasing the risk of missed calculating but also brings a potential for a lost cost. 


Along with the massive development of Buttonscarves’ business, Linda decided to immediately organize her bookkeeping process with the extra hand of software, named the Jurnal. Jurnal features, especially in the business & financial reports, help Linda to be able to monitor real-time profit and loss, income per day, to the status of expenses used for business.

Tag Transaction: one of Jurnal feature to help user group their transaction based on the source easily. In this case, Buttonscarves can group their transactions based on sold products, example accessories, tunic, blouse, or dress. With this feature, Buttonscarves can easily review which are their best selling products and create a strategy to grow them based on the data. 

Real-time report overview: Jurnal also bring flexibility for this online retailer to see the financial reports overview in a real-time manner. Not only that, these reports can also be downloaded directly in various formats (excel, pdf, etc.) to meet urgent needs. Process the report easily & practically, with more than 30 report templates available.

Bookkeeping: Buttonscarves using Jurnal app to process their bookkeeping including using Charts of Account (CoA), General Ledger, and Trial Balance, to simplify monitoring on daily business status. Linda explains that these features speed up the bookkeeping process to just a few minutes.



“After using Jurnal, we don’t need to worry about technical things in the financial recording process anymore,” said Linda.

Jurnal gives Buttonscarves skill to learn about profit and performance of a product. Linda admits that this helps her to create a better business decision from data that can be generated and analyzed anytime she needs. Jurnal financial report is concise and easy to understand and helps to create better analysis in order to find a potential penetration to the market.

Analysis through the transaction tag feature that displays product sales performance, is used by Linda as a step to carry out product development. Providing products that are responsive to market demands and become more customer friendly.

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