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Elang Cakra Sekurindo Creates Decisions Faster and Accurate with Jurnal

PT Elang Cakra Sekurindo or commonly known as ECS was founded by Andika Kaunang and his mother in 2006. This company meets the needs of all industries for security services, from consulting to providing K9 animal personnel.


Manual accounting systems that are not up to date, automatic and realtime make management decisions slow and not accurate.


The Mekari Jurnal report feature provides real-time financial data and is automatically updated every 5 seconds, helping management make decisions faster.


Speed up the process of financial reports

5 secs

Report updated automatically

Industrial Sector

Security Services

Company Size

Large Enterprise



Total Branch



Predicting a large business and market opportunities, also the industries demand for security services, made Andika Kaunang and her mother establish PT Elang Cakra Sekurindo or well known as ECS in 2006

Providing the security consultations, implements of security equipment, education and security training, providers of security personnel, and provision of K9 animal power, this company has now been developing for 14 years.

Andika stated that the environment of the security service industry sector is quite competitive, at least 1000 BUJP permits are issued within a year and each business person of this sector has their own personal approach because mostly they were already familiar with security business because many of them were previously served the country a military or security officer. This also a challenge for Andika who doesn’t have any military nor police background. 

Also, many foreign investors that come to invest in business funding in the local companies like Elang Cakra to disrupt the technology that advanced companies have. 



One of the challenges from the technology that Andika should handle is financial management. Managing the accounting and financial with using an excel file that is not updated in real time, not automatically generated, makes Andika overwhelmed. 

On the other hand, as a director, his management policy must be supported with fast and accurate information and financial data. 

For example when joining a business pitch, there’s a procurement timeline that will take one until two or even three months. It troubled Andika to make a fast business decision because he didn’t have accurate financial data that he could access right away. 



As a step to disrupt with nowadays technology and making a faster decision, Elang Cakra chose Jurnal as the solution to manage their finance business. Jurnal reporting feature, providing information and financial data in real time to help create a faster management decision. From daily profits until the total of funding that can be used for the future expansion, all of the detailed data can be generated automatically in Jurnal. 

From the advantage of cloud-based and online technology, Andika finds the simplicity to use Jurnal anytime and anywhere, whether it at home, car while on his way, or in the office. Just in one click away, all the financial information can be well monitored. 

The stock inventory also can be managed easily with a dashboard that is always regularly updated in Jurnal, it will directly notify to remind the low supplies. Jurnal also provides adjustable stocks reports in several formats based on the needs. All he has to do is just input the date, transactions number account, warehouse list and the number. 



Jurnal helps Elang Cakra ready to face the competitiveness of security service business sectors with other bigger companies. Elang Cakra can cut off 3x faster for the time he uses to compile financial reports, he can rapidly analyze the financial data to identify the trends and solutions, and also to maintain business in a centralized and real-time manner, so he can find the best decision for the business. 

No more biased information, or a decision based on personal reason and ego. With a financial report that is updated every 5 seconds in Jurnal, Now Andika can decide right away whether he should join a tender or not. 

Andika can run the business easily, just simply by inputting various business transactions in Jurnal, then the app will automatically journal the entries, post to the ledger, then to the subsidiary book, and even generate profit and loss reports and balance sheets in minutes that are ready to access at any time.

Not only that, Jurnal also helps to simplify the inventory managing process through Jurnal stock opname feature. With Jurnal, monitoring materials now become more organized and systematic, and ready to access anytime in a report that is always updated every 5 seconds. Also find out the equipment that is in high demand on the market based on best selling data products. 

The other advantages from Jurnal is also it’s access to financial reports and material stock management and automatic invoices with 11 professional design templates. Jurnal proof that if we can choose the effortless accounting management processes, why choose the complicated one? Use the Jurnal now with a 14 day free trial. All accounting and financial information is now in your hands.

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