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AP & AR recapitulation, preparation of income statements and the process to comply with financial statements every month that took up time slowed down the operational process of Brodo’s business finance.


The retail industry growth drives every business person in this sector to push themselves to the limit in order to maintain their existence. This also happens to PT Brodo Ganesha Indonesia, one of the retail industry and E-commerce founded by Yukka Harlanda and Putra Dwi Karunia in 2010.

Based on a lot of complaints about Indonesian footwear sizing that is not complete enough, then Brodo came as a brand that brings contemporary style in tailor-made and affordable footwear. 

Now Brodo not only produces shoes but also a clothing line, accessories, bags and other men’s essentials. 

As a fashion startup, Brodo uses an omnichannel to be their marketing strategy, also supported by angel investors and funding ventures in several areas, Brodo has a purpose to be a local product that spreads worldwide. 

Brodo’s achievements are not just coincidental. As the industry became more and more advanced, certainly Brodo had to face its own challenge from year to year. This includes the challenge of managing business accounting. 



According to the accounting and finance manager of Brodo, Yorie Destia Yoland, to complete the recapitulation of Account Payable (AP) with Account Receivable (AR) in their business needs 2 layers of processes in the finance division. 

It’s a long process, starting from document’s submission, recapitulation invoice data, accounting data, then it’s all good to go to the finance and customer service team to do comparison checking. This makes the recapitulation on AP or AR take so much time, even though these two things become the most important from Brodo’s buying and selling process. 

Meanwhile, Brodo now has 8 branches that are experiencing the same barrier to learn quickly about their profit and loss in every store, even though profit and loss are essential things to review how Brodo’s performances have been running. This is important for Brodo to learn about the profit that they earn and how certain branches need to be optimized. 

Also, either AP and AR or even PL this will end up in the financial reports or accounting recording. To finally review all of those things, Brodo can only do it monthly and needs to get through several steps that are recapitulation process, creating a summary, until report compliances, this process needs time at least 30 days before the day.

That’s why Brodo finally made their decision to choose Jurnal accounting software because it’s well known for its simplicity and easy to operate. Brodo finds Jurnal is suitable for their retail industry and the software itself is easy to understand. 



The question is, is Jurnal really can work out the challenges and barriers that Brodo experienced before? Here are 3 of the many advantages that Jurnal offer tor Brodo: 

  • Debts

Debt management Jurnal helps users defer payments according to a predetermined due date. Both accounts payable, money orders, and taxes. As for accounts receivable, with a Journal, users can set the maximum amount of accounts receivable to send a reminder invoice. Both of the processes already arranged so all users have to do is input the transaction in Jurnal system. Everything is automatically recorded, even you will find out if there’s any pending status. 

  • Profit & Loss

With this feature, users can easily write an individual transaction including total income that they get as well also the expense. Especially for multi-branch businesses, Jurnal can monitor all transactions from stores ranging from sales to expenses. So every store can immediately find out their PL.

  • Financial Reports

Jurnal has a comprehensive report that can be adjustable to every business type. From 

the balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, changes in equity to the trial balance are allowed to be generated automatically after the user enters the transaction. Jurnal simplifies business with instant reports.



How was Brodo’s result after using Jurnal? The AP and AR recapitulation is easily arranged, they just need to input the transactions. It’s easy and simple because there will be no more lots of steps recapitulation process, from 2 layers now with only 1 process everything is finished. This could save 50% on finishing the daily jobs. 

With the advantage of easy access to the data from Jurnal system, they can easily track if there are any transactions that are pending or left behind. And also they can review them anywhere and anytime. 

For monitoring PL in each store also now 5x faster than before. From the manual process that needs at least 5 days, now PL from each transaction including sales and expenses can be accessible right away in real-time. 

Now Jurnal provides them a daily financial report. No more manual process on compliance financial reports that need at least 30 days every month. After using Jurnal for 6 months, the financial reporting process can only need at least 20 days before the due date. It saves 10 work days every month.

Daily transactions that usually finish in 3 days after, are now finished in a day. From monthly work, now becomes a daily.

Therefore, the accounting process in the retail business certainly really depends on how the whole process on the business itself. That’s why it’s important to simplify the accounting process of the business. Do it now with Get a free trial for 14 days. 

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