Budget Management

Creating effective periodic budget for your business easily

Facilitate an effective company financial plan for reference in measuring business growth and access to manage and monitor.

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Monitor operating expenses

Ensure business operating costs are not inflated and according to budget. With Jurnal you can ensure your business operations stay in controlled and monitored with real time access.

Monitor operating expenses
Track expenses by category

Track expenses by category

All expenses can be easily grouped based on categories for easier tracking whenever you need.

Set budget for specific time

Set budget for specific time

Create and manage business budgets for several periods easily with automatic system. Easily review expenses based on your budget.

Benefits of Jurnal’s expenses

Ensuring your business remains on track by easily monitoring and controlling budgets and operational costs to be paid.

View profits easily

View profits easily

Easily moniitor following budget with cost allocation to find out your business profits

Real time information on budget allocation

Real time information on budget allocation

Avoid hidden expenses by monitoring budget allocation data in real time

Avoid over budget in real time

Avoid over budget in real time

Ensure your expenses match budget plan with accessible reports anytime, anywhere

Track budgets in one click

Track and review budgets plan with transaction data and your business expenses easily

  • Set up business expenses with formulas for all accounts
  • Save payment receipt easily
  • Review expense slip
  • Compare real transactions number with budget structured per account

What is a Budget Management Application?

Budget management application is a software that is used to prepare a business budget (RAB) and project the company’s finances that are being run easily, quickly and in real time.

By using Mekari Jurnal, the company’s budget and cost management will be more controlled and well monitored whenever and wherever you are.

What is a Corporate Budget Plan?

The cost budget plan is a detailed calculation and projection of the costs needed to run a business, so that it is expected to obtain an estimate of the costs that will be incurred until the business makes a profit.

Using the right RAB software will be very helpful in the calculations, because the results will be more accurate.

In managing and compiling a financial budget you can use the conventional method with excel or with an online application system.

But if you want to use the best and most profitable application for your business, then you should try the Jurnal.id software which has an application for managing and compiling a budget.

This is because Mekari Jurnal is an application that can perform budget management more time and cost-effectively.

Yes, the Mekari Jurnal feature can be used to project the budget and costs required by the company.

Applications or software to calculate RAB are used to calculate the estimated costs that will be incurred by the company to run its business in the next period.

Here are 6 easy steps in making and planning a budget:

  1. Determine in advance what the budget plan will be used for and when
  2. Record and categorize in detail all the items needed
  3. Calculate how many items are needed
  4. Find out the price per unit of items that have been recorded and categorized
  5. Calculate the total price of all the items needed
  6. Perform evaluation and recapitulation so that it is in accordance with the company’s initial goals

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