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Ubiklan: Simplify Purchasing Process With Accounting Software


The number of vehicles per year are continuing to grow in developing countries like Indonesia. Therefore, many startup companies see that as a new business opportunity. 

One of them is Ubiklan, established in 2016 as a technology based out of home advertising service. With Ubiklan, advertisers can monitor their campaign through online, and also a latest dashboard about ads that are still running. 

Glorio Yulianto as co-founder and CEO of Ubiklan said that the company invited their clients to join and become their partner, so the advertising offline cost can be more affordable, controlled and measurable. It also will help many people get extra income. 



Not only digitized the services, but the operational maintenance of the company also needs to catch up with the advanced technology. 

For example in this case is about quotation and invoice processes that work manually, both of them will be very inefficient, time-consuming, takes a lot of effort, oftenly scattered or forgot where the document is saved. Meanwhile, the faster quotation and invoice making is a crucial skill that is needed by the sales team in order to give offerings to clients. 

When both of the points are achieved, now the finance team is overwhelmed because they have to manually input all sales activity into monthly, quarterly or annual reports. This process is surely inefficient, sometimes it’s made by the person in charge having overtime but still it doesn’t meet the deadline. 

While the managers and directors team need to review the monthly report to learn the financial overview of Ubiklan. 



Therefore, Ubiklan decided to use Jurnal to help them organize and run the financial system to become seamless. From the purchasing, quotation & invoicing, to be recorded in a monthly report. 

Quotation Making

In a purchase transaction, a quotation as an offer letter is required to be sent to a client after making a request. Jurnal helps to make the process even faster by providing a draft of the sales offer along in a specific template. All you need is just input a customized word and numbers, then the quotation will be ready in minutes.


Pembuatan Invoice

To be clear, right and accurate is a must thing to do in order to create an invoice. Therefore, Jurnal provides 11 template invoices that are easy to understand and practically if need to remind the clients about the payment. Maka Jurnal menyediakan 11 template invoice yang The invoice details can also be adjustable based on needs. It’s easier to create recurring invoices, automatically record the transactions and attach supporting file documents. 


Pembuatan Laporan Bulanan

Transactions that are still in draft format when making quotations won’t affect the monthly Jurnal report because they haven’t become journal entries yet. But when it comes as invoices, the final purchasing process will certainly affect financial reports.

However, Jurnal’s purchasing process is directly integrated into financial reports. Of course, this adds to the company’s credibility to the partners and customers.



UbIklan uses the Jurnal software to help them manage their financial business operations, especially in purchasing.

Every quotation issued by the finance team can be monitored immediately. No more waiting in 1-2 working days for the compiling financial reports,  now it can be issued immediately with printability and clear results.

The process of making manual invoices is also up to 5x faster. The manual process usually takes about 25 days, now it only takes 3-5 days.

Glorio also often opens Jurnal to check sales, quotations, invoices and financial reports.

With real-time financial reports that are always up to date, Glorio can find out the estimated future business projections, the latest financial situation, because everything is on the Jurnal dashboard.

Track sales become easier. All reports are available on one platform, and can be accessed by many people from various teams who need them.

One software for all your finance and sales needs. Do you have trouble managing sales? manage more efficiently with Journal accounting software. Maintain and plan purchasing professionally. Faster, easier to adjust and even can be trial for 14 days for FREE.

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