Rock Nation Automates Business Accounting with Jurnal
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Rock Nation Automates Business Accounting with Jurnal


Came from a hobby of collecting Merchandise, Ari Budiman created Rock Nation in 2009. Created its website in 2013, Rock Nation spread their business range since 2014 and their legal entity named PT Memorabilia Musik Indonesia. 

Rock nation is one of original licensed music merchandise in Indonesia, for local or international music with various music genres. 

They have 3 business systems that they use. First buy a closed system. Second, licence, that partnering with several Bands. The third is entrust retail buy, that allows some of the band to entrust their items or called consignment. 

Rock Nation uses online media such as websites, social media and chat messaging to promote their products. Rock Nation also oftenly join an event or music festival to create awareness of their line. 



A decent financial management can not be as easy as imagined, especially about the accountability, cleared, detailed, bookkeeping and organized transactions recording. It’s even more effort if the process is still using manual ways with excel. 

Compiling financial reports manually will take a long time and process and need to be compiled in a certain period. 

Daily transactions recording will help maintain the performance of cash flow, cost monitoring and give up to date business overview, triggered Ari to find an accounting system that is suitable for Rock Nation. 

Ari also really needs inventory management because his business is based on retail, so he needs help to maintain stocks going in & out.

Even though it crossed his mind to consider using an offline system, the demands of online business made Ari finally choose Jurnal. After being acquainted for almost 2 months, finally Ari found a simple software that could accommodate all of his accounting systems.



After officially becoming a Jurnal user, Ari proudly stated that Jurnal helps Rock Nation in every way. Especially in operations. All Rock Nation activities are now cannot be separated from Jurnal. 

Especially to those activity

  • Recording of Financial Transactions

With Jurnal accounting software, all you have to do is just enter business transactions into the system, then Jurnal will all financial reports instantly and in real-time. Balance sheet, profit and loss, accounts payable, sales and purchases, cash flow, to closing accounting.

  • Sales Transaction Record

Jurnal help record every transaction in the business quickly and accurately. Neither credit nor cash, discounts or returns, and a perpetual inventory system and a periodic inventory system.

  • Inventory Recording

Jurnal helps businesses have an easy inventory system such as real-time product notification & calculation, tracking the most sales of products, importing inventory data, monitoring multi-branch businesses, and setting a minimum amount of stock so that orders can be on time.


Now, Rock Nation can manage accounting and finances in less than 10 minutes. So that Ari can focus on other things such as strategy and marketing generate more sales that have been analyzed with the current music market at any time.

When accessing Jurnal, Ari used to open reports starting from the balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow. Everything is updated immediately, so it’s easier when making decisions.

For example: when looking at profit and loss, there are a lot of cases, then you can make a decision to buy more goods or allocate funds to certain strategies.

Jurnal also makes it easier for Rock Nation to record new and existing sales transactions. All sales transactions can be viewed in fractions of a second. Errors can be immediately identified and corrected.

Then the inventory management also makes it easier for Rock Nation to find out which products are selling best, whether the band’s products are currently trending topics or products for legendary bands.

Now, it’s time for you to follow Rock Nation’s way to switch to accounting software. Jurnal has the best accounting system for the development of the company.

Jurnal can also be tailored to your needs. Simple and easy to use. 14 days free for your business.

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