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Proton Gumilang Uses Accounting Software for Transactions Process


The growth and escalation of pest control service, gaining more potential from year to year. This can be seen on how tight this business sector competition, not only comes from the local but international companies also see this as a promising business opportunity. One of the most well known Indonesian national pest control is PT Proton Gumilang.

PT Proton Gumilang is one of pest control services that has been trusted since 1995, and currently it has more than 4000 clients. The office is located in Tangerang and have 9 branches all across areas, 

CEO Proton Gumilang, Derajat Gumilang  sure that in their third generation, Proton Gumilang can fulfill needs of every generation, including the millennials thats why digital processes will always develop in this business.  



This situation is in-line with the challenge that Derajat faced with maintaining business that he did. Monitoring sales receivables with invoices in one excel sheet that contains thousands of data can be overwhelming for a business.

The process can take up to the next 4 months. Especially if it’s manual. Because the process required several tools at once.

These non automatic systems might cause the receivables to be delayed up to one year. While in fact with a payment that hasn’t been done within 3 months every work should have stopped. Not only that, but the stock quantity, reports and availability material in the warehouse also take times from 1 or 2 months, this business process is considered too long this Derajat. 

Even the financial reports can take a long time until 2-3 months to be ready. Meanwhile, financial reports take so long that it can be 2-3 months later before the data can be presented, making the presentation can be later than it should be presented every 5th day at the beginning of the month. These delays are also based on high workload in the company.



That’s why Derajat chose to use the accounting software Jurnal to support his business. 

He chose jurnal because according to him, his company doesn’t have a proper IT team so maybe this is the best time to simplify the business.  

As an accounting software that accompanies the business operations for 24/7, Jurnal can also help you easily connect with various local payments, so it will be suitable for every business type. 

The most used feature is Invoice for sales track records including monitoring sales receivables. With Jurnal, company finance can check the data and contract value via invoice directly.

And then Derajat started using the Stock Item feature. Jurnal can be used in unlimited multi-branch companies. While other software needs to pay more, in Jurnal, businesses are ready to manage multi-branches. Inventory management can also be seen in real-time anytime. No longer waiting for the day, let alone the month.

Even though Jurnal automates the daily financial work, employees who manage the finances of each branch remain the same and are not reduced. The difference is now they can complete work more quickly and on time, especially when it comes to presenting financial statements at the beginning of each month.

But currently not all templates can be included in the Jurnal’s financial statements. Of the 20 available templates, only 12-13 templates have been ready to use, so the rest of them still use their own templates. However, according to him this is reasonable because every company must do the same thing because there is a separate data management.

Jurnal has not been used in all branches, only 4 branches that already input data into the Jurnal system.


Even though there are only 4 branches that use Jurnal, it  makes Proton Gumilang’s business processes save time by 50-60 percent.

The invoice process can be saved up to 16x times, which usually takes up to 4 months manually, now with Jurnal it is only need 1 week optimized since the work is begun.

The stock items need also to be monitored easily in real-time, the warehouse stock availability report process is much faster. From 1-2 months, now it can be seen immediately in the Jurnal anytime and anywhere.

The presentation of financial statements is also believed to be 2x faster, than usually 1-2 months late from the date it should be, now at the beginning of each month, the financial statements per period can be presented in a timely manner.

Jurnal facilitate the process of business transactions to produce financial reports in a short time. Looking for a fully featured yet easy-to-use accounting software? Go get Jurnal. Try the Journal free trial for 14 days.

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