Automation Accounting Process Gives Travelio Chances to Expand Business

Type of Business

Tech and Hospitality


All over Indonesia

Total accommodation inventory


Accounting Problems

– A large number of partners and accommodation inventory makes the financial reporting process inefficient and takes a long time.

– The need for fast-paced monitoring of financial flows to achieve business development targets in the next year.

– Limited manpower to handle the massive accounting process with a very wide operational area.


Established by PT Horizon Internusa Persada, Travelio is a travel brand that has a large business scope. At least 70 percent of Travelio’s order came from domestic users and the rest of it came from users outside Indonesia. PT Horizon Internusa Persada itself is a subsidiary of PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk, a well known company that is actively involved in hotels and industrial areas developments. 

The business diversified and expanded into property management services, that provided repairs, cleaning, and services for guests who rent houses or apartments. Currently, there are 4000 hotels that can be rented through Travelio’s platform.



Travelio diversified and expanded into property management services, that provided repairs, cleaning, and services for guests who rent houses or apartments. Currently, there are 4000 hotels that can be rented through their platform. Their passion to elevate the business to the higher levels is Travelio’s objective on their business development and diversification.  According to the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Travelio, Christina Suriadjaja, said that Travelio’s future within the next year will be focusing on developing the market in Indonesia. They intend to launch new services in different structures, in order to support their current service.

Not only that, but Travelio also will be focusing their investment to develop technology and increase the amount of hotel inventory on their platform. So there will be no doubt if Travelio needs an automation solution that can be easily and quickly implemented in less than a few months. One of the automation that is crucially needed by Travelio to support their business growth is accounting software with various solutions from comprehensive supporting features. Because increasing the number of accommodation inventories throughout Indonesia and several other countries, certainly requires qualified financial management and tracking. On the other hand, to achieve these targets Travelio only has around 200 employees, so this means they have to go through with another way besides manpower optimization.



Travelio chosed accounting process automation by using Jurnal to be one of their ways to elevate their business growth technology. Jurnal offers to simplify the process of generating reports, invoicing automation, cash flow tracking, and the mobile accounting feature which can be implemented easily without having to recruit specific manpower.

Jurnal provides a business summary and insights that include sales, purchase, cost, and profit and loss data for all transactions made by Travelio. Jurnal also helps Travelio with easy access to review and filter Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow statements in a specific term based on their needs. This helped Travelio manage their business with more accurate and measurable data hassle-free. 

Business monitoring becomes a lot easier with Jurnal because Travelio can easily access their Cash & Bank to keep track of their total balance. Jurnal also helps Travelio manage their business development to be more controlled and measurable by allowing them to monitor financial data from each hotel inventory.



The accounting automation steps provided by Jurnal, enable Travelio to run their business more quickly and efficiently. Recording cash flow and preparing financial reports, that previously can be ready at least 2 working days, can now be completed in just minutes. Travelio business processes now have a better standardization with a more organized and systematic report format. 

On the other hand, Travelio is now able to efficiently manage more than 4000 of their accommodation and property inventories with the benefit of automatic invoicing. No more hassle on a manual system that takes a long time and requires specific resources to be in charge of the task, now every process can simply be handled only by a small team.

Travelio’s Executive Directors and Regional Leaders can immediately review the business developments in real-time without having to access the comprehensive financial reports and cash flow first. This gives Travelio changes to be more agile and focused on expanding its business.

Realizing the advantage of cloud accounting features in Jurnal that can help their day to day business process, Travelio chose the most comprehensive and up-to-date package in the Enterprise. On the other hand, Jurnal brings easier access to advanced automation that is suitable for numerous types of business, especially for those who rapidly reach business expansion. Find out more about other features from Jurnal here, or fill this form to get 14 days Jurnal FREE trial.

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