System Security

Jurnal is seriously taking care of your security. We’re aware and acknowledge that you have entrusted Jurnal with important documents and information that you have. Your information have been encrypted and secured using the foremost technology and security.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

Jurnal has been certified with ISO 27001 for information security which strengthen our commitment in ensuring the security of every data owned by you that you put and manage using Jurnal owned platform

We encrypt every data that could be identified as customer-owned data

In our system, all of your data are stored using AES-256 encryption method, with special key that was made for every customer. We encrypt every data that could be identified as customer-owned data, including your name and e-mail address. For search & indexing technology, we use HMAC method by hashing a small part of your data. We implement the same technique for every file that you uploaded. Just like another system, your information security depends so much on yourself. Choose a strong password (we try our best to guide you to do this), and never tell and/or distribute the password to another person.

Securing your data while transit

Even though someone tries to ‘eavesdrop’ your communication, they won’t be able to decrypt the data.

Every communication between you and Jurnal have been encrypted using SSL with 2048-bit certificate, and we require SSL for all communication. We implement this technique so that if someone try to ‘eavesdrop’ your communication, they still won’t be able to do decryption to steal your data.

Administrative access for your information

Jurnal’s administrator will not be able to see any data that you put or any kind of documents that you may have uploaded.

We implement a strict internal procedure to prevent any Jurnal’s employee or administrator to get access to your account other than limited data that were required if you need help or to solve problems. Jurnal’s administrator will not be able to see any data that you put or any kind of documents that you may have uploaded. Jurnal stores notes for every access to your account, whether if its done by you, administrator, or unknown person, and we do audit into those notes regularly to ensure your security.

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