Privacy Policy

PT Jurnal Consulting Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “Jurnal” or “We/Us/Our”) has a high commitment against your data protection. We are responsible for upholding the principles of data management with full integrity, where We always put Your data security as our Priority. Therefore, your data security (as well as any other data which you entrusted Us) is the most important for Us.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) regulate about how We collect and use Your data at (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) and/or online accounting software which we developed at (hereinafter referred to as “Product”). By using Our Product or accessing Our Site, You agree and bound the condition which are contained in this Policy. Accordingly, We hope You read this Policy to ensure that you understand how we handle your data.

How we collect Your data

Jurnal is a provider of an online accounting software that is secure and reliable for small and medium enterprises in Indonesia. When You use Our Product or access Our Site, You directly or indirectly give Your data to Us which We will protect and use in a method that regulated in this Policy. As an example, the data which We collect may include name, e-mail address, phone number and another data which You submit in connection with Your usage of Product and access on the Site. We may collect:

  • Email and your password to provide the access to Jurnal Product;
  • Data that You enter when using Jurnal Product;
  • Information about Your device when accessing Our Sites or Product, like IP address and browser information;
  • Your testimonials, messages, critics, and suggestion, chat talks and other interactions on Our Site or Product; and/or
  • Any other things You did and the data that You submit into the Site or Product.

We may collect data directly from You when You:

  • Access the Site;
  • Register to use Jurnal Product;
  • Use the Jurnal Product;
  • Send testimonials, messages, critics, and suggestions;
  • Contact Our support team; or
  • Submit any kind of information into the Site or Product.

The data which You submit are Your own data which We assume to be genuine, and You are fully responsible for any data that you have submitted on Our Site or Product.

Example of your data usage

Every data that you have submitted into the Site and/or Product may be used to, including but not limited to:

  • Process Your data, including but not limited to financial reports, tax filing, sales or purchase invoices, and more;
  • Deliver mails or goods that You have bought from us;
  • Inform Product development, sales offer and any maintenance or disturbance which You may encounter;
  • Carry out the payment process; and
  • Discover Your visit information, such as the time of Your visit and what you do on that visit.

We also may collect and use your non-personally identifiable data, to:

  • Optimize Product, Sites, marketing campaign and more;
  • Help Us to figure out how You use the product;
  • Observe the effectiveness of the Site and Products;
  • Find and solve problems which contained on the Site and/or Product; and
  • Improve the Product.

Data sharing to third parties

We will not sell, lease, disclose or distribute your data without Your permission unless stated otherwise in this Policy. We will only disclose Your data to third parties with your authorization or if necessary to accommodate your Product usage.

By giving any authorization to disclose Your data, You authorize us to disclose and transfer such data to the chosen third party, and you will exempt us for any loss or damage which arise from the third-party failure to secure Your data. We can’t guarantee Your data security in the third-party system and We do not have control nor responsible to the privacy policy or the content of the third-party application. You have the responsibility to check the privacy policy of each third-party, so You understand how they will handle with Your data.

We might disclose Your data without Your permission to comply with a court order, a legitimate government agency decree or prevailing legislations. Thereafter, if it is possible and allowed, We will notify you when We disclose your data.

Cookies Usage

Cookies are a text files placed on your computer for record keeping purpose. We use cookies to help us provide You ease of using Product. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or send viruses to Your computer.

Cookies will record Your data such as the data you enter to the Sites and Product. As an example, if you create an account on the Site, cookies will help us to remember the specific data for the next visit. When You return to the Site, the data You have given before will be given back, so it will be easier if You activate Your cookies.

In addition, the other party may also analyze data for Us, such as Google Analytics. They may collect non-personally identifiable data about Your online activities when You use Our Product or accessing the Sites.

Data Security

To protect Your data, We have implement international standard of Information Security Management System based on ISO 27001 as a tool to implement a security system of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Therefore, all Our employees have been trained to understand and follow the ISO 27001 when work with Your data.

We always try to improve security of Your data by using the latest technology and comply to the prevailing legislations to fulfill the expectations of relevant parties, and to ensure a continuous quality improvement. Furthermore, We make your data protection as our priority by using the highest standard possible to secure Your data, for more information you can view our security information by clicking this link.


If You want to complain about Your data or You have another question about the privacy or security of Your data please to contact Us through:

Update of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time which would be be effective when uploaded to the Site. Policy updates may affect Your usage of the Product or Sites or Your data security. We will notify you about the changes we have made (if necessary) in a reasonable way and time. If You continue to use the Product, it will be deemed acceptance of any amended Policy.

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