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Know the latest information at every aspect of your business

Easy access to information is a crucial factor in decision-making. Access your real-time business report anytime

No need to go to the office to get a business report

    • Get an instant financial report without having to access it physically. Access instant reports from android or iOS.
    • No need to print the report with Mekari Jurnal mobile app, more precise, environment-friendly, and cost-saving.
    • Practical with automatic synchronization for every device that your business use.

Need a long process before getting the right insight

    • Manual data tracking took a long time therefore you can make a swift decision.
    • Access to offline reports might delay business innovation due to the need to wait for the whole document.
    • The business owner might feel frustrated and overwhelmed by data piles up that can’t give the latest business overview.
Ari Budiman

“Sales transaction now can be seen in a matter of second. An error can be known and instantly fixed.”

Ari BudimanFounder Rock Nation

Access real-time reports with ease using Mekari Jurnal

Get an insight into your business with a single click

Decision-making becomes more accurate using insight from Mekari Jurnal. Business overview monitored with ease from mobile app

Analyze your business whenever you need it

    • Instant monitoring with business performance overview in Mekari Jurnal mobile app.
    • Complete for any reports and stored safely in a system equivalent to the bank’s security system.
    • Easy to understand with a user-friendly view that is adjustable based on the gadget.

Learning business analysis through offline document need extra effort

    • It’s not practical to analyze because you need to bring a lot of documents that might be not complete.
    • The business owner might feel overwhelmed due to the amount of data that can’t give direct insight.
    • Need longer time and high effort to analyze every business development one by one.
Yudi Tukiaty

“Mekari Jurnal makes it easy for me to see the reports and data on eagle view. It is very needed to people on a strategic level and decision-maker.”

Yudi TukiatyCo-founder BARDI Smarthome

Learn business's analysis anywhere with Mekari Jurnal

No need to worry about the missed transaction using Mekari Jurnal

The monitoring process can be done in your hand. Approval can run smoothly on a single click through Mekari Jurnal mobile app

Manage transactions safely anywhere

    • Monitor business without the hassle. Reconciliation to any accounts can be done anytime.
    • Manage business with ease using approval features that are available for sales or purchase transactions.
    • Check stock movement instantly using stock movement reports for multiple warehouses in real-time.

Manual business monitoring have limitations

    • No flexibility because you have to be on the location to monitor the business.
    • Need a long time to check every business aspect by doing it one by one.
    • Business owners might feel afraid or nervous because of no transparency or accurate overview of their business.

“I chose Mekari Jurnal because it doesn’t need installation and can be used anywhere. Mekari Jurnal becomes a backbone for our operation because all our data are stored at Mekari Jurnal.”

RavinjayOwner Wijaya Musik Indonesia

Manage business instantly with Mekari Jurnal

We grow with several industries in Indonesia

Mekari Jurnal keep making innovation that makes it possible for us to fulfill every business need in each industry

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What is Mekari Jurnal Mobile App?

Mekari Jurnal mobile app is a mobile accounting app that can be used in Android and iOS, this app can be found in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

It will ease your business bookkeeping, so you can develop your business easily and better.

Yes. Your information is synchronized with all devices, so anytime you want to access it, you can do it in any gadget you want.

We recommend using the desktop version for the accounting process that is more complete and intuitive.

The mobile app version enables you to monitor business directly using gadgets including invoices, sales notes, and concise business overviews.

There are several features such as invoice creation that are only available in the desktop version of Mekari Jurnal.

You can download accounting software Mekari Jurnal on iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.0 or higher and android device with operating software android 4.2 or higher.

You can access Mekari Jurnal from a cellular browser or using a laptop/computer for better access.

No need. You can register your account in the mobile app, and it will be automatically recorded to our system, and you can use the Mekari Jurnal desktop directly.

Android and iOS mobile app is made for easy access to our customers.

No, your Mekari Jurnal account will still be active as long as your account is on and the subscription is running.

You can contact our customer support to deactivate your account or renew your subscription.

Generally, using an accounting mobile app in Android or iOS can give you these benefits:

  1. An accurate financial report that can be accessed in real-time.
  2. Flexible access anytime anywhere.
  3. Support the right business strategy on time.
  4. Optimal data storage and more secure with the cloud.

There are several things to consider so you don’t make the wrong decision in choosing an accounting mobile software.

  1. First, you need to consider the features offered whether they can support your business.
  2. See the review in the Playstore or Appstore.
  3. Make sure the app is user-friendly and can be easily installed without any hassle.
  4. Make sure the chosen bookkeeping software provides optimal customer support. So if something happens in the future, you don’t need to worry about finding the right solution.
  5. Make sure the cost needed to use the app is suitable for the budget that your company has.

Get the best mobile accounting app for Android and IPhone (iOS), boost your small business performance right now, try for free today!

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