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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse software to monitor inventory in multiple locations

Monitor inventory quantities from multiple warehouses at once with a warehouse management system software to maintain business performance.

multi locations warehouse software

Track stock status of multiple warehouses in real time

Stay informed with data on total product inventory in each warehouses with auto updated status in real time

Track stock status of multiple warehouses in real time
Auto inventory reports accurately

Auto inventory reports accurately

Recorded inventory data will automatically go directly into inventory report for immediate view and analyze according to your business needs.

Avoid over or under stock

Avoid over or under stock

Adjust automatic system to sudden changes in supply and demand to anticipate over and under stock

Monitor inventory status

Monitor inventory status

Stay informed with movement data and inventory status from specific warehouse locations. Get easy access to manage inventory according accurate data.

Manage warehouse with Jurnal

Stay in control stock movement by easily monitoring several warehouses at once

Easier stock taking

Easier stock taking

Easier stock taking with automatic feature to records produck availability in detail and accessible in real time.

Less human errors

Less human errors

Automatic system records produck quantity and movement in detail to reduce risk of human errors

Reduce manual admin work

Reduce manual admin work

Inventory management is easier with automatic features. Get more efficient with your time.

Manage warehouses easily

Monitor and manage warehouse more efficient with various automatic features on one dashboard

  • Import large number list to your warehouse
  • Create several warehouses according to location
  • Report quantity and value of each warehouse
  • Monitor product availability anywhere

What is warehouse management system software?

A warehouse management system software is a software application for managing day-to-day operations in a warehouse or distribution facility. It includes processes related to stock collection and storage, automated and manual picking, and tracking shipments.

Warehouse Software is primarily used to optimize warehouse management, facilitate management in planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling the necessary resources for moving and storing materials into, within, and out of a warehouse.

The following are the benefits of warehouse software.

  1. Optimized space and lower operating expenses
  2. Accurate and real-time inventory visibility.
  3. Can better assign the right task to the right person at the right time.
  4. Inventory materials can be easily traced.
  5. Optimizes the internal operations of a warehouse, which in turn can benefit the wider supply chain.
  6. By pairing a mobile device with the warehouse system, the input process can be extended as access can be provided via handheld mobile devices.
  7. Improved customer service with effective ship management.

Warehouse software can be found in many different forms, which means that you should choose the best one for your needs.

Jurnal software provides a range of integrated features, including accounting software, financial statements, invoices online, cash flow management, inventory control, and the capability to be integrated with warehouse management systems. Additionally, the price is affordable for the business.

You can try Jurnal right now, free trial!

The following list outlines different types of warehouses and one that is right for your business.

  • Distribution Centers: A distribution center is a warehouse with a larger area than other warehouses. The centers allow the shipment of large quantities of goods in a short period of time.
  • Public Warehouses: These are the warehouses that are owned by the government or semi-government organizations. Private companies are able to lease them out to stock up goods after paying a certain amount of rent.
  • Private Warehouses: Private warehouses are owned by manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other private companies.
  • Bonded Warehouses: Usually, this type of storage is used to store imported items so that customs duties are not assessed on them before they are released. Within these warehouses, companies do not pay duty charges until their items are released.
  • Climate-controlled Warehouses: Warehouses like these are used to keep items that need to be kept at a certain temperature, mainly perishables.
  • Smart Warehouses: A smart warehouse uses artificial intelligence to store and fulfill orders.

In the Jurnal software system, all warehouse management features are included. The price of the software can be found on this page.

It is relatively affordable, so anyone can use it, from small-medium companies to enterprise companies.

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