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Custom Analytics

Easily monitor business performance with personalized dashboards

custom analytic or dashboard from accounting and financial software

Every target matters for the business. Managers and department heads can manage and monitor them within one personalized dashboard

Trusted by 35,000+ businesses in Southeast Asia

Why businesses use Custom Analytics Mekari Jurnal

asset insight

Easily monitor business performance with visual graphs

Gain insights into current business trends without manual processes

instant reporting process

Data integration to ensure visualization accuracy

The displayed data is the result of processing your financial data in Mekari Jurnal

complete and full features dashboard

Create multiple dashboards to monitor different KPIs

Create and manage various dashboards according to the business targets and goals you want to monitor

Custom dashboards to monitor business performance according to needs

Monitor a single type of target with various types of widgets

  • Group data visualizations by creating a dashboard with multiple widgets
  • Visualize data in the form of graphs, tables, or numbers
  • Set the period and criteria of data to be displayed
Mekari Jurnal

Create separate dashboards for different KPIs

  • Create multiple dashboards according to departments or targets to be monitored
  • Limit access to dashboards for specific user types
Mekari Jurnal

Various features to monitor business performance using custom analytics

bill material

Automatic visualization

Financial data processed directly by the system without manual processes

work order

Real-time updates

Integrated data enables visualization according to the current financial condition

task check

Accuracy & Data Consistency

Custom analytics only display data available in financial reports

buat atau assembly

Limited Access

Custom analytics can only be accessed by specific users to ensure data confidentiality

manajemen flexible

Dashboard/widget templates

Various recommended templates that can be directly used

dashboard online

Set Period and Components

Customize the period and data components displayed according to your needs


What is Custom Analytics?

Custom Analytics is one of the features of the Advanced Insights & Reporting solution owned by Mekari Jurnal to help businesses monitor various business performances and targets according to their needs in one personalized dashboard

The management and department heads often encounter difficulties in monitoring the performance of each team and other business targets due to scattered data across various files/places. This feature assists companies in consolidating monitoring efforts into one platform, enhancing productivity in achieving respective targets.

Yes, the reports are directly integrated with your Jurnal account, and only authorized individuals can access them

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