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Airene (AI-based report analysis)

Make the right business strategy with AI-based analysis and insights

Uncover trends regarding the condition of your business and get strategic recommendations based on cash flow information and your profit and loss report swiftly with AI-based analysis from OpenAI

AI-based financial report analysis

Get important business insights whenever you need them with the help of AI

Mekari Jurnal

Real-time report analysis

Save time with instant analysis that is made possible through AI technology

Mekari Jurnal

Data-driven insights

Gain actionable insights based on the results of your financial report analysis

Mekari Jurnal

Available for two financial reports

Airene is ready to be used for your profit & loss and cashflow reports

Report summary

The easy way to understand complex financial data

  • Complex financial report data analysis can be completed swiftly with AI
  • Results are presented in the form of important points for everyone’s readability and ease of understanding
Mekari Jurnal
In-depth analysis

Get to know the in-and-outs of your business

  • Spot trends or anomalies that could hinder business growth
  • In-depth evaluation to identify optimization opportunities you weren't aware of
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Strategy recommendations

Inspiring new ideas through recommendations

  • Recommendations are provided based on the results of your financial statement analysis to suit your business needs
  • Provide new ideas on financial planning and how to improve business financial efficiency
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Airene?

Airene is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) program that helps its users analyze profit and loss reports and business cash flow from the Mekari Jurnal accounting software.

Airene can provide a summary of financial reports based on the commands or filters you use. Airene’s accounting capabilities can be trained and developed as time goes on.

What types of financial reports can be processed by this accounting AI?

Currently, you can analyze 2 types of financial reports in the Journal, namely profit & loss and cash flow.

Features of automatic financial report analysis with current AI technology:
– Income statement
– Cash flow

Send summaries and suggestions from financial statement analysis via email or WhatsApp from the Airene menu! Fast, easy, and practical.

Yes, Airene is able to understand financial reports in Indonesian and English. However, the results of the analysis and recommendations will be in English.

Yes, we take customer data privacy and security very seriously. We use the best security and privacy systems to ensure your data security.

No, this feature can be used directly without requiring special skills. We have provided guidelines for using the feature which can be accessed via the Mekari Jurnal knowledge base

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