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Why Jurnal? Cloud-based software for growing business

Run the business and stay connected to data and accountants. Cloud-based accounting software that’s integrated directly to features and additional apps for more measurable business, effective and easy to use.

Why Jurnal? Cloud-based software for growing business

Get full control on business operations with Enterprise+ package, new from Jurnal

How cloud-based accounting software will support your business

Cloud technology save all your data and can be access anytime and anywhere, as long as you’re connected to internet network. Here are 4 benefits of cloud-based accounting software for your business.

Why shifting to cloud-based accounting software is important?

Compare managing business financial in conventional way and with Jurnal

Accounting Process Conventional accounting software Cloud based accounting software
Time processing reports Manual paperworks, time consuming and high risk of human error. Automation and less human errors
Report accessibility Not easily accessible Fast reports and accessible anywhereaja
Accuracy and neatness of bookkeeping Unorganized data Neat and integrated bookkeeping in real time
Costs and maintenance High cost for infrastucture, staff and server maintanance Cost efficient
Software operation Requires admin who is not necessarily capable to compile quality reports Auto records and easy-to-use for beginner acountants
Calculation process Manual work & input formulas Automate and more accurate data calculation and analysis

Why accounting software Jurnal suits to run small & medium business

Jurnal by Mekari is online accounting software that transforms the way you manage business finances through complete features for various accounting needs in your business.

The pioneer of cloud accounting software in Indonesia

Jurnal is a pioneer of cloud-based accounting software in Indonesia that has been trusted and proven to help more than 20,000 companies in the country. With cloud technology, Jurnal makes it easy for you to manage finances anytime and anywhere.

The pioneer of cloud accounting software in Indonesia

Jurnals help you carrying out the accounting process easily, quickly and accurately. Get bookkeeping & financial reports done anywhere and anytime on accounting software that is easy-to-use even for beginner accountants.

Modern dashboard design & easy to operate

Find the convenience of managing business finances in one accounting software. The journal is also equipped with various additional applications that you can integrate easily, without having to use vendor services again.

Complete features & integrated in one platform

Your company data is safely guaranteed with a system equivalent to a Bank, Jurnal ensures the security of customer data according to ISO / IEC 27001.

ISO 27001 standard of safety quality

The best after sales service. Get FREE product training and support for the implementation of Jurnal. There is also email service and call center that are ready to help.

The best after sales service & live chat team

Over 20.000 companies subscribes to our solution

Companies from various industries have proven how Jurnal helps them to optimize their business & accounting process. See how we grow together with our customers.

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