Mekari Jurnal

Comprehensive accounting solution for optimal financial management

One integrated software for managing transactions, bookkeeping, and financial report generation, ensuring accuracy and work automation

Trusted by 35,000+ businesses in Southeast Asia

Comprehensive accounting flow

Manage transactions from creating invoices to receiving payments in one place

  • Manage comprehensive document, from purchase requests and receipts to sales quotes and deliveries
  • Utilize Mekari Pay to send online bills, receive payments, or make payments to your suppliers seamlessly from Mekari Jurnal
  • Monitor invoice status and set reminders from an online dashboard accessible anytime, anywhere.
Mekari Jurnal

Automate bookkeeping processes with an integrated system

  • Utilize Jurnal API for automatic input of transaction data directly from your custom system
  • Integrate with the POS and eCommerce platforms you use for seamless automatic general journal input
  • Strengthen data security by limiting each employee's data access based on the managed Chart of Accounts (CoA)
Mekari Jurnal

Ensure transactions are synchronized through direct bank integration

sales order

Monitor and evaluate business performance with 40+ financial and business reports

  • Every report is connected to features in Mekari Jurnal to ensure data consistency
  • Get insights and recommendations by using the Airene feature for AI-based financial report analysis
  • See the financial condition from various perspectives from business summary to inventory valuation
Mekari Jurnal

Various benefits of using Mekari Jurnal accounting solution


Automatic synchronization

Bookkeeping and reports are connected to invoicing, inventory, and warehouse activities


Integration with 70+ software

Integrate seamlessly with POS, e-commerce, banks, and other custom systems to Mekari Jurnal

Manajemen inventori optimal

Online billing

Send invoices via link, email, or WhatsApp to speed up the payment process


40+ financial and business reports

Monitor various business performance from profit and loss to product profitability reports

surat jalan

Access control

Restrict access capabilities, create, edit, and perform other actions for each user based on their permissions

No learning curve

No learning curve

Platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface

“I can see financial reports and project forecasts for the next two years. Having insights into our total assets, outstanding receivables, and overall sales allows us to envision the future more clearly. This information guides me in making informed decisions for the business expansion”

Michelle Chyntia
CMO of PT Permata Berlian Perkasa


What is an Accounting application?

Accounting application is software designed to process the calculation, record financial transaction data for businesses, generate financial reports, and manage business bookkeeping seamlessly

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