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Indonesia is the most geographically challenging country to do business in, from it's size spanning 5,271 km from west to east and 2,210 km from north to south, to it's 18,307 islands with coastline of 202,080 km. Yet, the economies of these archipelago are served by the infrastructure of less than 300 airports and 300 ocean ports for a ratio of 1 airport and ocean port per 61 islands.

Without the technology capable to efficiently deliver product and services without relying on the over burdened infrastructure, large enterprises cannot dominate the market of the whole country. The 21st century technology that multiply knowledge to achieve an even greater economy of scale of product and service, is useless if the product and service cannot be efficiently delivered to remote locations.

Small Medium Enterprises have the opportunity to own the market of these difficult to reach locations. Their local presence enable efficient tackling of local challenges because of local employee expertise operating in an obviously smaller bureaucracy. Such condition supports the growth of SME to reach a number of 56,534,592 units at 2012.

But a local domain knowledge of the local industry is not enough. What's usually missing in these SME is the business administration knowledge such as accounting.

This is why we have a goal to be the number one online accounting platform in Indonesia. We believe we can deliver the needed simple to use but powerful accounting platform for Indonesia's SME.

We're building an accounting platform for Small Medium Enterprise in Indonesia for full-cycle accounting from transaction capture, journaling, posting, trial balance, adjustment, financial statement, to book closing.

Unlike other accounting applications, we enhance user experience aspects of the application. We base our product on Human-Computer Interaction principle such as perceptual principle, mental model principle, memory principle, and attention principle.

We display information at the right time time and place. We provide guidance and hints to execute tasks quickly. No more fumbling around complicated menu structures to find information or execute tasks in many different sub-menus. We also provide features such as auto complete, multiple validations and their feedback in one submission, entry recommendation for recurring transactions, and many others.

We make sure that our product is scaleable, secure, and available. We partitioned our product logic to enable horizontal scaling. We develop processes and technology to continuously enhance our security. We provide redundancy and monitoring within and across regions to ensure availability.

We also build a knowledge base around our product to support daily usage using knowledge management principle. No more reading through thick books or articles, we provide the most relevant and easy to search help and information.

We're a growing startup who hire exceptional people who can grow with us. We do not hire experts who do not wish to get out of comfort zone. As our business grow, our positions' requirements change hence a static skill set will be obsolete soon.

First, we need leaders to initiate, inspire, and get their hands dirty to create the foundation in which future employees will work. Second, we need quick learners who can quickly grasp the dynamic of a new field and figure out the best work flow. As we grow, these leaders and quick learners will develop into the heads of these new fields.

The leaders and learners who grow with us must have good attitude, communication skill, and intelligent. Good attitude includes the willingness to learn, the open heart to receive criticism, and humbleness while delivering feedback. Communication skill includes ability to communicate complex construct in a simple manner and the empathy to reconstruct an idea based on perceived motive and background of a speaker. Intelligence we're looking for is the ability to identify issue, breaking it down, and synthesize a solution.

Most importantly, you must get along with others. We get along with others and we like to keep it that way :-)

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