Refer your friends to use Jurnal, get a double benefit!

Get a cash reward of up to 3 million rupiahs when your friend makes a purchase using your referral code. They will get a 15% off.

Refer your friends to use Jurnal, get a double benefit!
Please fill your referral code here, referral code can be accessed through Jurnal's dashboard here.

Benefits of joining Jurnal's Referral Program

Enjoy these benefits that you and your friend can get by joining Jurnal’s Referral Program

Your Benefits
Reward up to 3 million rupiahs

Reward up to 3 million rupiahs

Get a 20% cash reward from your friend's subscription package

Free Jurnal's subscription

Free Jurnal's subscription

Your cash reward can be redeemed to a Jurnal subscription for free

Extra gifts every month

Extra gifts every month

Get various gifts and special offers for you every month

Your Friend's Benefit
Extra 14 days free usage of Jurnal

Extra 14 days free usage of Jurnal

15% off discount for subscription

15% off discount for subscription

Free extra training

Free extra training

Extra promo each month!

Share your referral code to friends, get million rupiahs rewards!

Join hundreds of Jurnal Referral Program’s member that already enjoy cash reward by referring to their friend

How to get the reward

Follow these steps to claim your referral reward from Jurnal:

  • Log in to Jurnal

    Login to the Jurnal app and go to the referral dashboard by click here

  • Share your referral code

    Share your referral code through various media such as Whatsapp, E-mail, Facebook, and others

  • Track your status

    Track friends who register through your link from Jurnal’s referral dashboard

  • Claim your reward

    Earn your cash reward when your friend subscribe to Jurnal


You get a cash reward, your friend got a discount! Let's join Jurnal's Referral Program

By recommending Jurnal, your friend will save their time and cost in managing their business, therefore their business will scale up

What our customers say

“Saya menghadirkan prospek dengan melakukan ulasan tentang Jurnal di blog saya, serta membagikan kode referral saya. Dengan cara tersebut saya bisa menjangkau orang yang belum saya kenal sekalipun”

Got a further question?

Read the complete questions and answers about Jurnal’s referral program

A referral is a program for users to refer Jurnal to their friends by sharing the referral code.

To be able to share referral code, you must be enlisted as a member of a company that is subscribing or using Jurnal software.

Your friend must use your referral code when joining and subscribe to Jurnal at least 3 months.

The commission will be given to you through Gopay, for tax purposes, we will need your name, address, and id number for data verification and tax deduction based on regulations.

We will need a few days to verify your data, commission will be received at a maximum of 8 days after you claim it