Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to use Jurnal?

Jurnal can be used on any computing devices equipped with a browser and internet connection. Such devices include computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S/Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, other tablets and smartphones. You are recommended to use fast, stable, and secure internet connection to get the best experience from our product.

Do I need to have an Accounting background in order to use Jurnal?

No. Jurnal accounting software is made easy to understand so that anyone can use it well without having to have extended Accounting knowledge. You will only need to get familiar with business terms such as sales, purchase, expense, and other cash related terms.

What’s going to happen after my free trial has ended?

Before your trial ends, we will remind you to choose which of our packages suits your business best, and will provide you guidance to start your subscription. However, if you have decided not to subscribe now, your data will be kept safe in our records for easy and fast access in the future when you decided to come back with Jurnal.

What sort of reports am I going to get by using Jurnal?

Jurnal will provide you with financial reports, sales, purchase, expense, customer, supplier, and stocks reports depending on your package selection. These reports include Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Receivables, Payables, Inventory Summary, and many more.

If I started with Starter Package, would I be able to get more features in the future?

Absolutely. You can always upgrade your package subscription at any time

How secure is my data with Jurnal?

We understand that your business data is crucial. And, considering that you have given your trust, we make sure that each of your data is secured using technology equivalent to those used by the Bank. We use Encryption AES-256 to protect your data from unauthorized party and 2056-bit SSL certificate to secure internet connection.

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